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March is a command that ushers in a month of energy and change as we transition from Pisces to Aries. Mercury in Aries brings about direct communication and self-advocacy, encouraging setting boundaries or addressing desires. Venus in Pisces focuses on love, healing, and experiencing intimacy as psychic medicine. The spring equinox and new moon signal the astrological new year as we embrace the intensity of Aries energy. The full moon lunar eclipse in Libra challenges social structures and relationships, urging us to embrace love and passion.

For Aries, Pisces season encourages reflection before launching into new beginnings in the upcoming astrological new year. Taurus will feel more and need less during Venus in Pisces, focusing on honoring love as a resource. Gemini receives the gift of incendiary gab as Mercury enters Aries, allowing for powerful communication. Cancer’s ninth house opens up opportunities for expansion and adventure as Pisces season unfolds. Leo navigates intimacy and release while embracing the darkness in their relationships. Virgo explores partnership with a focus on inner reflection and self-improvement.

Libra prepares for an eclipse and upheaval, encouraging a righteous purge to welcome new opportunities. Scorpio experiences heightened creativity and magnetism during Pisces season, urging them to live in the moment. Sagittarius focuses on healing and acknowledgment of past traumas during Pisces season. Capricorn embraces freedom from constraints in communication and expression during this time. Aquarius reconciles wealth and self-worth, working to repair their relationship with money. Pisces focuses on adapting boundaries and cultivating a new character during their season with the influence of Saturn’s solidity.

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