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Russia continues to make advances in eastern Ukraine, with reports of increased fighting in the Donetsk region. Russian troops have made inroads near Siversk, a small town less than 25 miles north of Bakhmut, and are pushing towards the city. Geolocated footage published on Telegram shows Russian forces west of Rozdolivka, just south of Siversk. The Institute for the Study of War highlighted areas of significant fighting in the region, including near Novopokrovske and Maksymilian Ivka, where Russian troops have made recent advances.

Russian forces have also advanced toward Chasiv Yar, roughly 10 miles west of Bakhmut, according to the ISW. The intensity of assaults near Chasiv Yar has increased over the past week, with Kyiv’s troops repelling numerous Russian attacks in the surrounding villages. Fighting continues north and southwest of Chasiv Yar, although claims by Russian milbloggers about Moscow’s 200th Motorized Rifle Brigade advancing toward the Siverskyi-Donets Donbas Canal have not been visually confirmed.

In addition to advances near Siversk and Chasiv Yar, Russia has also pushed west of Avdiivka, a town captured by Moscow in February. Fighting near Umanske and Sokil continued into Monday, and Russian forces reportedly advanced west of Donetsk City on June 17. Ukrainian Armed Forces are facing significant challenges, with the “hottest situation” along the front lines in the Pokrovsk direction, approximately 43 miles southwest of Chasiv Yar. Kyiv reported repelling a large number of attacks launched by Moscow in that region on Monday.

The ongoing conflict in eastern Ukraine underscores the complex and volatile nature of the situation, with both sides engaging in intense fighting and making strategic advances. The Institute for the Study of War continues to monitor developments on the ground, highlighting areas of significant conflict and tracking Russian troop movements in the Donetsk region. It is crucial for international observers and policymakers to closely follow these developments and work towards finding diplomatic solutions to de-escalate the conflict and promote peace in the region.

As Russian forces continue to make advances in eastern Ukraine, the conflict shows no signs of abating. The situation remains fluid, with both sides engaging in intense fighting in various parts of the Donetsk region. The international community must remain vigilant and actively seek ways to support efforts to de-escalate the conflict and work towards a peaceful resolution. It is imperative that all parties involved prioritize diplomacy and dialogue to prevent further escalation of hostilities and to promote stability in the region.

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