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TNT Sports is now the exclusive home for BT Sport’s premium live sports rights in the UK, offering coverage of popular events such as the Premier League, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, UEFA Conference League, Gallagher Premiership Rugby, Investec Champions Cup, EPCR Challenge Cup, MotoGP, cricket, UFC, boxing, and WWE. Fans can access this content through the streaming service discovery+, which also includes access to Eurosport and various entertainment options all in one convenient location.

With the addition of TNT Sports to the discovery+ lineup, sports fans in the UK now have a comprehensive destination for all their favorite live events. Whether it’s football, rugby, motorsports, or combat sports, TNT Sports offers a wide range of coverage to cater to diverse interests. By subscribing to discovery+, fans can access live games, matches, races, and fights as well as catch up on highlights and analysis, all in one place.

The partnership between TNT Sports and discovery+ aims to provide fans with a premium sports viewing experience that is both convenient and comprehensive. By consolidating live sports coverage, entertainment options, and exclusive content on one platform, fans can access their favorite events without having to switch between different services or subscriptions. This seamless integration makes it easy for fans to stay up to date on all the latest news, results, and developments in the world of sports.

In addition to live coverage of major sporting events, TNT Sports and discovery+ also offer a range of exclusive content and behind-the-scenes footage that provides fans with a unique perspective on their favorite teams, athletes, and competitions. From pre-match interviews to post-game analysis, fans can access a wealth of additional content that enhances their viewing experience and deepens their understanding of the sports they love.

The availability of TNT Sports on discovery+ also offers fans greater flexibility in how they consume sports content. With the ability to stream live events on various devices, fans can enjoy their favorite sports on the go, at home, or on the go. This accessibility makes it easier for fans to keep up with their favorite teams and athletes, even when they are not able to watch games or matches live on television.

Overall, the launch of TNT Sports on discovery+ represents a significant expansion of sports coverage for fans in the UK. By bringing together premium live sports rights, entertainment options, and exclusive content in one convenient platform, TNT Sports and discovery+ offer fans a comprehensive and convenient way to access their favorite sports content. Whether it’s football, rugby, motorsports, or combat sports, fans can now enjoy a wide range of live events, highlights, analysis, and exclusive content all in one place.

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