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In 2020, Wood started studying law during the pandemic and in 2022, he left Melbourne for a three-week internship with an Aboriginal legal service in Darwin. This short internship turned into a full-time job that he has been balancing with his studies. While he had to cut back to four days of work during one semester to manage the workload, he has mostly been working full-time while completing his degree. Wood enjoys the practical experience he gains from his job while still being able to learn and study simultaneously.

Sara Chica-Latorre, a doctoral candidate at Canberra University’s Research Institute for Sport and Exercise, also divides her time between working and studying full-time. Originally from Colombia, she has multiple positions including teaching anatomy to undergraduates and working as a dietician. Chica-Latorre is focusing on her doctoral thesis on menstrual cycle symptoms of female athletes and anticipates completing her doctorate by the end of next year. Despite the challenges of balancing her various commitments, she hopes to secure a post-doc position in Europe after completing her studies.

Katie Petchell, the head of Guildford Grammar’s prep school in Perth, manages to pursue a master of business psychology degree while working full-time. Petchell has been studying for years and recently switched from a master of education course to one in business psychology, which she finds to be more enjoyable. Studying in her own time and taking advantage of the flexibility of online lectures and workshops, Petchell is able to fit in her studies around her demanding work schedule. She acknowledges that it is a juggle, but the ability to work at her own pace makes it manageable.

The flexibility of online study options has made it possible for Petchell to balance her work and study commitments. She sets aside time on Sundays and during school holidays to catch up on lectures and coursework. While her job is demanding, Petchell finds that she can manage her study load more effectively during school holidays when the pace is less intense. This flexibility allows her to continue working towards her degree while fulfilling her responsibilities at work.

Despite the difficulties of balancing work and study, Petchell remains determined to complete her master’s degree. The ability to study online and at her own pace has allowed her to continue working towards her goal without sacrificing her career. The support and resources provided by universities post-COVID have made it easier for working professionals like Petchell to pursue higher education while maintaining their jobs. In the end, she hopes to complete her degree and further advance her career in education.

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