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Gabrielle Union is a 51-year-old star who loves food but also prioritizes her fitness goals. She often shares details of her daily diet, including seasonal fruits in the morning, salads for lunch, and braised short ribs for dinner. Union also emphasizes the importance of staying hydrated, revealing that she drinks a gallon of water each day and tries to consume half of it by noon. She is honest about the diets that haven’t worked for her in the past, such as the Master Cleanse, and emphasizes the need to find a balance between enjoying food and staying healthy.

While Union enjoys indulging in her favorite foods, she also focuses on maintaining a healthy attitude towards splurges. She believes that it is important to enjoy treats from time to time without feeling guilty and stresses the importance of being kind to oneself when indulging. Despite not always loving exercise, Union knows that staying active is essential for her overall well-being. She tries various workouts to keep things interesting and prioritizes strength training over cardio.

Union often incorporates outdoor workouts into her routine, enjoying the fresh air and sunshine while staying active. She believes that at-home fitness is the new normal and has collaborated with FitOn, a free fitness app, to share her favorite workouts with others. Pilates is a workout that Union often does in the morning, and she credits it with helping her stay clear and focused. She also finds motivation in working out with her husband, Dwyane Wade, and her kids, creating a supportive environment for her fitness journey.

As she navigates perimenopause, Union has adjusted her diet to manage symptoms such as sudden weight gain. She follows an anti-inflammatory diet, limiting her intake of gluten, dairy, alcohol, and caffeine, which has helped her feel better overall. Union strives for balance in her diet and fitness routines, understanding that it’s essential to listen to her body and give herself grace when she veers off track. Ultimately, Union’s approach to food and exercise emphasizes the importance of enjoying life while also taking care of oneself.

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