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Lupita Nyong’o recently shared in an interview with Glamour that adopting a cat helped her heal from a breakup with her ex-boyfriend, Selema Masekela, who is a sports commentator. Nyong’o revealed that after their split last year, she was in a “super-low” point and felt her heart was severely broken. She knew she was ready to adopt her cat, Yoyo, after fostering him for two days. The orange tabby helped her believe in joy again and prevented her from falling into depression. Nyong’o mentioned that a voice in her head told her to get a cat, and when she visited an adoption center, a sign that read, “Not over your ex? Foster a cat,” made her realize it was the right decision.

In October, Nyong’o had shared on Instagram that she was going through a season of heartbreak due to a love that was suddenly and devastatingly extinguished by deception. Although she did not name Masekela in the post, she made it clear that she no longer trusted this person and intended to publicly dissociate herself from them. Before their split, Nyong’o and Masekela had shared their loving moments on social media, with the “Black Panther” actor documenting their relationship. Following their breakup, Nyong’o has been spotted with fellow actor Joshua Jackson, sparking rumors of a romance between the two. The speculation increased after they were seen enjoying a PDA-filled beach outing in Mexico in March.

Despite not publicly commenting on the nature of her relationship with Jackson, Nyong’o has openly shared her love for her cat, Yoyo. In January, she posted a video on Instagram showing the cat snuggled in her luggage, expressing her desire to take him everywhere with her. Nyong’o’s bond with Yoyo has been a source of comfort and joy for her, allowing her to move past the pain of her breakup and find solace in the company of her furry friend. Adopting Yoyo proved to be a healing experience for Nyong’o, helping her to reclaim her sense of joy and avoid falling into depression during a difficult time in her life.

Nyong’o’s candid revelations about how adopting Yoyo helped her heal from her breakup shed light on the therapeutic power of pets in providing emotional support and comfort during challenging times. Her story resonates with many people who have found solace in the companionship of animals and the unconditional love they offer. The bond between Nyong’o and Yoyo serves as a heartwarming example of the healing benefits of pet ownership, showcasing the profound impact that animals can have on our mental and emotional well-being. Nyong’o’s journey to recovery through her relationship with her cat highlights the importance of self-care and finding sources of comfort and joy in the midst of heartbreak and adversity.

As Nyong’o continues to navigate the ups and downs of her personal life, her story serves as a reminder of the resilience and strength that come from seeking support and finding solace in unexpected places. The actress’s openness about her struggles and her journey toward healing through her bond with Yoyo is a testament to the power of love and companionship in overcoming pain and adversity. By sharing her story, Nyong’o encourages others to find sources of comfort and joy during difficult times, reminding us that healing is possible through connection and the unconditional love of those who stand by our side, furry or otherwise.

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