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The NYC-Dublin livestream portal reopened with new measures to deter deviant behavior after being temporarily shut down. The livestream will now only be available from 6 a.m. to 4 p.m. instead of 24/7, and guardrails have been added to prevent offensive acts. Visitors from both sides had engaged in inappropriate behavior, such as displaying images of 9/11 attacks and flashing their breasts on camera. Screens will be blurred if a visitor obstructs the camera, and physical design features will be added to manage crowds.

Organizers have stated that they will continue making updates as needed to ensure that everyone can enjoy the portal. The portal allows people to see, but not hear each other between New York and Dublin. Despite the negative incidents that led to the temporary shutdown, the overwhelming majority of visitors have experienced a sense of joy and connectedness from the public art attraction. The artist and founder emphasized that the Portals experience is created together by humans, and encouraged local communities to care about the sculptures and behavior around them.

The NYC-Dublin portal is a public art attraction that aims to bring joy and connectedness between people on both sides of the Atlantic. The portal was temporarily shut down due to deviant behavior, such as displaying offensive images and flashing body parts on camera. Organizers have introduced new measures, such as limited operating hours and guardrails, to prevent further incidents. The portal screens will be blurred if a visitor obstructs the camera, and physical design features will be added for crowd management.

Despite the negative incidents associated with the portal, the majority of visitors have had positive experiences and have enjoyed the sense of joy and connection it brings. The artist and founder emphasized the importance of caring for the portal and how community members interact with it. The portal allows people to see each other, but not hear, creating a unique way for individuals from different locations to connect and share an experience. The organizers are committed to making necessary updates to ensure that everyone can continue to enjoy the portal and the connection it provides.

New York’s 8-foot-by-8-foot video screen at the Flatiron South Plaza is part of the portal that allows the connection between NYC and Dublin. It temporarily closed following incidents of inappropriate behavior, but has since reopened with enhanced security measures in place. The portal is a collaboration between the Dublin City Council, Flatiron NoMad Partnership, and The team is dedicated to maintaining a positive and safe environment for visitors to experience the joy and connection the portal offers. They encourage local communities to care for the portal and ensure that it remains a place of positivity and connection between people.

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