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Ways to increase the efficiency of work within the team


It is said that building a structure is easier than building a person; From this point of view, it seems that building successful work teams to reach project goals, and maintain work flow and motivation, is not an easy thing, as enhancing efficiency and productivity requires following strategies and methods that keep work within the team productive and fast paced, noting that the obstacles resulting from weak participation The team is part of the modern and fast-paced business world.. If this is not taken care of, the situation will be exacerbated by the current volatile environment. In the following lines, a glimpse into some of the ways that each manager can help maintain a high-performance team.

Successful ways to achieve efficiency at work

Efficiency at work

The American magazine “Forbes” mentions some of the strategies and methods used in this context, including:

  • Employee Involvement: Teams and organizations have new goals, initiatives and strategies respectively, so when planning it is useful to involve as many people as possible, while allowing them to have their say.
  • Clarify roles and responsibilities: Due to the successive changes taking place in the business world, a group of organizations periodically change their policies, switching teams roles or responsibilities. Therefore, it is important for the manager of the organization that everyone on the team understand their responsibilities and roles, and how they fit into the organization’s core mission, making sure that everyone knows the reasons for the changes.
  • Development of people and work teams: A body of research suggests that organizations that prioritize employee development and training stay in the workforce longer, provide great products and services, retain and delight their customers, and have higher profit margins.
  • Conduct effective meetings: Business meetings have clear goals that must be specified when sending the invitation to the employees related to the topic of each meeting, and not to all members of the work team, while respecting the time of the specific meeting, and reaching clear conclusions during it. In this context, it is necessary to refrain from “stacking” meetings at successive times. In addition, effective business meetings include transparent and constructive comments that can be taken into account in implementation, as this expresses an integrated educational organizational culture, and allows for the objective professional discussion necessary to develop plans to improve work.

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  • Decentralized leadership: Leaders of high-performance teams often follow a decentralized approach to leadership, decision-making, and implementation. So, make sure you set goals, provide resources, and remember the key things, then let your team members complete their tasks themselves.

Using technology for efficiency at work

Complimenting team members results in successful results for the organization

The American software company Salesforce, for its part, adds some other points in this context, as:

  • Benefit from technology: Modern technology enables team members to maintain their skills, make the latter more effective, and accomplish their tasks more efficiently. Technology helps simplify work and reduce the time it takes to complete it.

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  • Celebrating victory and failure: It is important to choose the timing of praising the team well, knowing that praising individuals within it leads to successful business results because frequent positive feedback is associated with increased creativity of employees. In addition, raising the morale of employees, even during failure and failure, is that they were willing to take some calculated risks, as failure is an opportunity for learning, growth, development, and increased productivity in the long run.

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