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The most important feature in smartphone cameras for 2022


A recent report published by “” revealed the most important feature that the Android operating system should adopt in 2022, which is “simultaneous capture of images”.

The report stated that despite the many features of professional smartphone cameras that were recently revealed, this feature that means taking the same pictures through different rear cameras or taking many pictures through the same camera is the most important and deserving of attention and development in the new year.

As for the first phones to offer this feature, the report revealed that the Nokia Lumia and Windows phones are the oldest phones that it provided with full resolutions of 19 and 38 mega-pixels, and the resolution of compressed images is 5 mega-pixels simultaneously.

According to the report, a snapshot of the two is for editing and the other for compression is smaller, and these phones also allow the possibility of capturing 5 mega-pixel images in (JPEG) and (RAW) formats simultaneously, which is also provided by the “Vivo” and “OnePlus” phones. And “Sony” and “Google” in some of its phones. The best smartphone manufacturers in the market have long tested these features before they were launched, so the newer processors have the ability to take pictures simultaneously, and this is represented by the support of the (Snapdragon 888 SoC) processor to capture three shots together accurately 28 mega-pixels simultaneously.

The companies are still working on the production of processors for 2022 phones that can raise the performance and professionalism of cameras and multiple frames, and it is already in the “Snapdragon 8 Gen 1” processor, which has the ability to simultaneously capture the triple camera with a precision of up to 36 mega pixels, while the dual camera supports accurate image capture. 64 and 36 mega pixels.