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The most successful apple and yogurt diet for weight loss


The apple and yoghurt diet is one of the best types that have been known for their ability to quickly get rid of excess weight, and the main element of this type is yoghurt because it contains a large percentage of high nutrients important to the body. And burn fat.
On this subject, nutritionist Mirna El-Fata told “Madam Net” that this mixture is very useful for losing weight, as apples contain quercetin, which fights influenza, strengthens immunity, regulates pressure and contributes to weight loss, while yogurt is a calcium-rich food, which works On the balance of beneficial bacteria in the stomach. Therefore, the apple and yogurt diet is considered one of the most successful dieting systems, due to the richness of yogurt and apples in vitamins and antioxidants. Studies have also proven that together they reduce thirst, tension, fatigue, protect against some tumors, reduce the percentage of fat accumulated in the body, strengthen bones and increase immunity, as well as strengthen the digestive system and blood circulation. Learn about the apple and yogurt diet in the following:

Nutritionist Myrna El Lafta

Benefits of apple and yogurt diet

The apple and yogurt diet is one of the simplest types of diet that makes women feel more full. It is considered a quick and guaranteed diet, and in turn works to burn fat and get rid of excess weight.
It is recommended to drink more than 8 glasses of water during the day, taking care not to follow the diet for a long time.
The apple and yogurt diet depends on burning fat in both the buttocks and the abdomen, and eating this mixture eliminates harmful cholesterol and fat in the body.
This diet is followed for one week because it works to reduce the excess weight significantly during this short period.
This diet depends on eating all kinds of apples and yogurt, and it is also interspersed with fat-free foods that stimulate yogurt to burn body fat.
Care must be taken to add yogurt to all meals throughout the day, while taking care to maintain an integrated food intake, so that the body obtains the full nutrients from fats, vitamins, proteins, sugars, starches and others…
It is necessary to distribute the intake of apples and yogurt throughout the day to give a feeling of satiety for long periods, as yogurt works to absorb minerals and vitamins faster.

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apples benefits

apples benefits

Helps supply the body with important vitamins and minerals.
Gives the skin freshness and vitality, and gives the cheeks a pink color.
Helps moisturize the body and get rid of high heat.
It protects against Alzheimer’s disease, and plays a major role in strengthening memory.
– Reduces the level of harmful cholesterol in the blood.
It strengthens the bones and protects against asthma and cancerous diseases.
It enhances the performance of the brain, liver and stomach.
Preserves eyesight and protects against macular degeneration.
It eliminates excess weight, contains a low percentage of calories and a large percentage of dietary fiber, and gives a feeling of satiety.

Yogurt benefits

Yogurt benefits

Yogurt contains a large proportion of calcium, which works to strengthen bones.
Yogurt contributes to the elimination of accumulated fat in both the abdomen and buttocks areas, as it reduces the proportion of cortisol in the body.
It works to get rid of sleep disorders, eliminate insomnia, and has a great role in calming nerves, and works to reduce stress and nervousness.
Eating yogurt after exercising for about an hour has a great role in building and repairing muscles because it contains a large proportion of protein.
Yogurt is useful in facilitating the absorption of calcium, vitamins and nutritional minerals found in foods eaten during the day.

Note from “Madam Net”: Before applying this recipe or this treatment, you must consult a specialist doctor.

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