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The latest ways to treat depression at home


Many people with depression prefer not to use drug treatments or cognitive-behavioral therapy and see a psychiatrist. While there are many home remedies for depression that help in effective treatment.
In the following lines, we review together the latest methods of treating depression at home, according to the medical website WebMed:

Meditation and yoga

Yoga is one of the most effective home remedies for depression

Meditation, sometimes described as an altered state of consciousness, can help you relax; Which helps in treating depression. And yoga is part of meditation, with body movements and breathing techniques, which help you relax too.

Massage therapy

Massage therapy is one of the newest ways to treat depression at home

Most touch therapies are based on the idea that the mind and body are interconnected; Your physical health and emotional well-being are closely related, and the belief is that when your body is relaxed, your mind can become healthier, reducing depression and promoting overall wellness.

Guided imagination

Guided imagery is a relaxation technique also practiced by some biofeedback professionals. Using guided imagery, you’ll think of good mental images, such as ocean waves, or perhaps images of managing or treating your disease.
People who use this technique say that these positive images can ease their condition.

-Playing sports

Exercising helps treat depression at home

Various forms of exercise can reduce stress and aid relaxation, which can reduce symptoms of depression.
Exercise can also improve your energy, balance, flexibility, and overall, it’s a safe, effective, and easy way to improve your health.

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Music therapy

Music can be considered a natural tranquilizer for the human soul, and it was used by Pythagoras in the 6th century BC, a famous philosopher and mathematician.
During World War II, veterans’ hospitals had volunteers playing music for wounded soldiers, and results were so positive that the Department of Veterans Affairs added music therapy programs.
Basically, all you need is a CD or mp3 player with headphones, then choose the music, from new age to rock to classic, that suits your personal needs, mood and taste.
Music therapy can be a helpful and effective non-drug technique for people of all ages and may help relieve uncomfortable feelings such as fear, anxiety, stress and sadness.

– herbal supplement

Depression can be treated at home with St. John’s wort, a common herbal supplement for depression, which has been used for medicinal purposes in other parts of the world for thousands of years, and works best for mild to moderate depression, not more severe forms Of the disease.

Note from “Madam Net”: Before applying this recipe or this treatment, you must consult a specialist doctor.

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