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The benefits of tangerine for women should be given great importance


Tangerine is a citrus fruit, which is very similar in taste to an orange, except that it is smaller in size and has a thinner peel. This fruit is one of the fruits rich in vitamins, especially vitamins A, B and C. It contains many minerals such as iron, magnesium, potassium, phosphorous, and calcium, in addition to a group of powerful antioxidants.
Tangerine is a winter fruit that treats colds and flu, and it is rich in many nutritional components that give the body and skin many benefits. From hydrating the body and supplying it with the natural nutrients it needs, through the prevention of many chronic diseases, to maintaining the beauty and health of hair, as confirmed by nutritionist Mirna Al-Fata in her interview with “Madam Net”. In the following topic, she explains the benefits of tangerine for women:

Nutritionist Myrna El Lafta

Benefits of tangerines and cancer

Studies have shown the effectiveness of tangerine in preventing cancer, especially liver cancer. The researchers believe that the reason is its content and juice, which is rich in vitamin A and beta-cryptoxanthin, which is the substance responsible for fighting hepatitis C. It also contains limonene, which has anti-cancer properties, especially breast cancer.

Benefits of tangerines and cholesterol

Among the health benefits of tangerine is its rich content of fiber, which helps prevent the absorption of bad cholesterol in the body, which is cholesterol whose high blood pressure may lead to its accumulation on the walls of the arteries and thus lead to the risk of cardiovascular disease.

The benefits of tangerines and cardiovascular health

The benefits of tangerines and cardiovascular health

In addition to the high fiber content found in the tangerine fruit, which promotes cardiovascular health by lowering levels of harmful cholesterol, the powerful antioxidants it contains also contribute to this, and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and inflammation that may increase the risk of strokes and strokes. cardiomyopathy;
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The benefits of tangerines and digestion

Regular intake of dietary fiber contributes to the promotion of digestion and the prevention and control of constipation, and women are usually recommended to consume 25 grams of fiber per day. And by eating tangerines, you will get a good amount of those recommended; Tangerines contain large amounts of natural fibers that help stimulate bowel movement and treat constipation.

The benefits of tangerines and blood pressure

Tangerines are useful in helping to lower blood pressure, as they are a rich source of potassium, which helps lower blood pressure.

The benefits of tangerines and weight loss

The benefits of tangerines and weight loss

One of the health benefits of tangerine is that it helps you lose weight, thanks to its high content of dietary fiber and water, which helps to feel full and satiety, in addition to being low in calories, which helps reduce the desire to eat.

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Benefits of tangerine and wrinkles

Tangerines are known to be rich in vitamin C, which provides large amounts of antioxidants that maintain skin youthfulness and fight the appearance of wrinkles.

Benefits of tangerines and iron

Tangerines help the body absorb iron easily from foods, so if you suffer from anemia or iron deficiency, it will be good to eat it.

The benefits of tangerines and the treatment of pimples

If you suffer from pimples, tangerines are a great natural remedy for them, thanks to their vitamin A content that fights various skin damage problems, such as fine lines, pimples and burns.

Benefits of tangerine and hair

Consuming large amounts of vitamin A and vitamin B16, which are available in mandarin, helps to promote the growth of hair strands and improve its shiny and healthy appearance. In addition, it works to delay hair graying.

The benefits of tangerines and pregnant women

Tangerine is one of the important fruits for pregnant women. It contains many minerals and vitamins important for her health and the health of the fetus and helps her solve many health problems she suffers from during this period.
It contains a percentage of folic acid, which is important for the health and growth of the fetus and prevents deformation of fetuses.
It contains antioxidants that protect against uterine cancer.
It provides the body with high calories and does not cause weight gain.
It contains many vitamins important for pregnancy, such as vitamins A, B and C.
It helps breastfeeding women to produce milk.
It contains a percentage of calcium and potassium that strengthens the bones of the fetus.

Benefits of tangerines and kidneys

Tangerine is a complete support power for the kidneys; Because it contains vitamin C, it helps protect it and prevents the accumulation of stones in it, because it contains citric acid.
It reduces the formation of sand in the kidneys. Contributes to the normal functioning of the kidneys. It cleans the kidneys, expels harmful toxins that may be inflicted on them, and reduces the risk of damage to them.

Note from “Madam Net”: Before applying this recipe or this treatment, consult a specialist doctor.

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