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The benefits of carob molasses for women will not come to your mind


The benefits of carob molasses are amazing for women’s health; It contributes to lowering the level of harmful cholesterol, fighting respiratory diseases, good for healthy skin, fighting weight, protecting against different types of cancer, and much more.
Discover the benefits of carob molasses for women in the following topic, according to nutritionist Abeer Abu Rjaili, from the Diet of the Town Clinic:

Dietitian Abeer Abu Rjaili

Benefits of carob molasses for skin and hair

The benefits of carob molasses for the skin are wonderful

Eating carob molasses promotes skin health, and is important for preventing wrinkles and combating signs of aging and premature aging, thanks to its content of antioxidants and vitamin E. It also strengthens hair and prevents hair loss.

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Benefits of carob molasses to perfume the breath

Whether carob molasses or carob pods are eaten; The result is the same. It contributes to the elimination of annoying mouth odor, and works to perfume the breath.

Benefits of carob molasses in lowering bad cholesterol

Eating carob molasses helps reduce the level of harmful LDL cholesterol in the body, thanks to its content of soluble dietary fiber, in addition to its content of “polyphenols” that strengthen the body.

Benefits of carob molasses in the prevention of cancer

Eating carob molasses contributes to the prevention of various types of cancer, thanks to its high content of antioxidants, which protect against free radicals that are harmful to cells.
Some studies have shown that regular use of carob molasses may protect against lung cancer in particular.

Benefits of carob molasses for the respiratory system

Carob molasses contains vitamins and powerful antioxidants, such as polyphenols; Which makes it able to treat coughs, colds and flu.
The carob molasses contains tannins (which contain gallic acid), which have the property of fighting viruses and strengthening the body’s immunity.

Benefits of carob molasses in reducing weight

Some studies have confirmed that consuming carob molasses helps reduce weight by lowering the levels of the hormone ghrelin and triglycerides in the body after meals… But, of course, it should be consumed in moderation and within a healthy diet.

A note from «Madam Net»: Before applying this recipe or this treatment… you should consult a specialist doctor.

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