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Simple shortness of breath may be caused by a stomach germ


Shortness of breath is defined as a decrease in the amount of air entering and leaving the lungs; Which causes a decrease in the levels of oxygen in the blood; Where a person feels difficulty breathing, it may be simple, and it may be annoying, and the reason is usually a partial obstruction in the upper airway.
Shortness of breath has various causes, often related to lung or heart diseases, but shortness of breath may be a symptom of a very common disease, the stomach germ, which requires direct and quick health care, according to doctors.

Stomach germs, according to the “Very well Health” website, occur as a result of the entry of the “helicobacter pylori” bacteria through the use of contaminated dishes and cups or those of patients, not washing hands constantly and eating unclean foods and drinks.

Causes of shortness of breath

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The relationship of stomach germs with the respiratory system

Some people with stomach germs complain of shortness of breath, despite the presence of many other health complications, but scientists have documented the relationship of stomach germs (H. pylori) and linked it to respiratory disorders, in addition to chronic pulmonary obstruction, bronchiectasis, asthma and cancer Lung and tuberculosis, according to the “Consulto” website.
The chances of lung disease increase as a result of the weakness of the human immune system and its inability to deal with bacteria and viruses, but there are some symptoms through which it is possible to know the occurrence of a lung problem, namely: Difficulty breathing.
Shortness of breath, a feeling of not getting enough air, a condition that many feel during sleep, in addition to the inability to engage in any physical or sports activity, coughing or coughing accompanied by blood or phlegm, or feeling pain and discomfort when breathing, or chest A wheezing or wheezing sound, or chest pain.
People with stomach germs need to go to the doctor, in order to avoid any serious complications, such as those related to cancer or the respiratory system and others.
Doctors usually perform tests for patients, including: analysis of antibodies in the blood, stool and breath testing, and study of the patient’s symptoms.
Patients are usually given antibiotics for 14 days, consisting of a combination of two drugs, “amoxicillin” and “clarithromycin”, based on the advice of a specialist; Where cases differ from person to person.

Other causes of shortness of breath

There are many causes of shortness of breath between pathological causes and others related to the psychological and nervous state of the person, and the most prominent causes of shortness of breath are:
Chest sensitivity.
A blood clot in a lung artery.
– Arrhythmia.
Pneumonia infection.
Having a severe cold.
– obesity.
Various heart diseases.
– Depression.

Symptoms of shortness of breath

The severity of cases of shortness of breath varies from person to person, and it may occur suddenly and severely, and in some cases shortness of breath may be a chronic condition that gradually increases, and its symptoms, according to the following “Duxpert Health” website:
Inability to breathe normally.
Tightening of the muscles of the body.
Severe chest pain.
Extreme fatigue and pallor of the face.
Severe swelling in the legs due to the large accumulation of fluid in the feet.
Severe headache due to lack of oxygen in the brain.
Frequent nausea.
– weakness of the heart muscle; This causes a rapid heartbeat.
Change in the color of the face and lips to blue.
severe cough

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