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Simple scientific ways to get rid of the fat that accumulated during the festive period


After the festive period, you may gain a few kilograms due to the types of foods and unhealthy eating methods that you have followed, whether by eating large amounts of sweets, pastries, rice dishes or unhealthy drinks, due to celebrations and social necessities.
Therefore, many resort to sports clubs and follow harsh diets to lose excess weight, but doing so suddenly may harm the overall health of the body.
On this topic, nutritionist Mirna Al-Fata told “Madam Net” that after the festive period, you may gain a few kilograms due to the types of foods and unhealthy eating methods you followed, whether by eating large amounts of sweets, pastries, rice dishes or drinks. Unhealthy, due to celebrations and social imperatives. It is very important to help the body get rid of fat, by not eating large amounts of sweets, reducing the intake of carbohydrates such as: bread, rice and pastries..Clean the liver to get rid of all sediments, by focusing on eating vegetable soup such as cabbage and onions, eating various types of food. Vegetables, including: eggplant and artichokes.. In addition to the need to focus on drinking fluids, especially water; To help the body get rid of all kinds of waste, it is also preferable to drink herbal tea that contributes to cleaning the liver, such as: rosemary, green mint, anise, green tea… and a lot of apple cider vinegar and lemon juice with various salad dishes.
Allocate a week free from eating meat, chicken, and fish, regular sleep hours, reduce caffeine, and exercise regularly.
Here are the tips of Specialist Mirna to get rid of fat and lose weight in a healthy and healthy way.

Nutritionist Myrna El Lafta

Weight loss after the festive period

Avoid eating high-calorie sweets

It is very important to avoid eating sweets rich in calories, and to eat only fruits; any natural sources of sugar; During the festive period, the lady has had enough and much more than these sweets; Therefore, she should start getting rid of the habit of eating it, and making up for the lack of sugar by eating fruits.
It is necessary to eat more meals prepared at home in a healthy way, and to stay away from fast foods rich in fat and empty calories, in addition to choosing meals rich in proteins and nutrients important to the body, and which contain a smaller amount of calories.
Drink plenty of water, and stay away as much as possible from soft drinks, processed juices and caffeinated drinks; Water hydrates the body and helps in burning calories, in addition to making you feel full more quickly.
Eat foods and drinks that help burn fat, such as drinking ginger with milk or tea, or eating green leafy vegetables such as cabbage, artichokes and lettuce.
Doing exercise, including walking, for at least half an hour a day; Walking does not need time or effort in order to gradually regain the activity and agility of the body, in addition to burning calories on a regular and healthy basis.

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Avoid strict diets

There are many diets that promise to lose weight within a few days, and although strict diets can succeed in achieving the desired results within a short period of time, they do not limit the accumulation of body fat; On the contrary, following it may lead to gaining more weight, and the reason is that the body begins to protect itself when it notices a lack of nutrition, in other words, if you stop eating, your body will store fat to meet its energy needs provided by carbohydrates and fats.
Therefore, the best way to prevent the accumulation of fat in various areas of the body is to eat small meals throughout the day, and through them, your body will make sure that it gets all the nutrients that cover its daily needs and will not store fat.

Eat natural foods

Eating natural foods helps reduce fat content; Instead of drinking canned juices, you can make your own juice at home from fresh fruits.

healthy breakfast

Your body needs nutrients, fiber and energy for daily activities, but when you skip breakfast or eat an unhealthy meal, your body will start storing fat.
The ideal breakfast should include three main nutrients: healthy fats, protein and sugars. By regularly eating a healthy breakfast, your body will get the necessary nutrients daily, and it will be ready for various activities.

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Drinks and juices

Green tea fights belly fat

After eating meat during the festive period, many women need to drink many drinks and juices that help burn belly fat and lose weight. We mention them:
Green tea is rich in well-known antioxidants that fight stubborn belly fat, and many studies have shown that eating it regularly helps reduce the size of the abdomen; The catechins increase the release of fat from the fat cells in the abdomen, and also speed up the liver’s ability to burn fat, thus losing weight.
– Cucumber juice that helps to feel full for as long as possible; Because it contains a high percentage of water and fiber.
Watermelon juice, which not only helps hydrate the body; It is even rich in the amino acid arginine, which helps in burning fat and promoting weight loss.
Cinnamon water with honey, which increases your metabolic rate; Which speeds up the process of losing weight, and it also helps to metabolize sugar, which turns into fat, and usually accumulates around the abdomen.. Just mix a teaspoon of cinnamon with warm water and honey, and eat it every morning.
Freshly squeezed orange juice; A healthy and low-calorie alternative to all soft drinks; Which may contribute to getting rid of belly fat significantly.
– apple cider vinegar with warm water, which maintains the pH balance of the stomach; Which helps you to get a flat stomach, and it is also known that apple cider vinegar increases the feeling of satiety and curbs the appetite; Which promotes weight loss.
– green mint tea, which contributes to the rapid digestion of food; Which prevents the accumulation of fat, in addition, it helps reduce bloating that may cause the accumulation of fat in the abdominal area, due to not digesting food properly.
Celery juice, which also helps reduce bloating that can lead to belly fat and weight gain, acts as a natural diuretic, thus preventing water retention by helping the body get rid of excess water.

Apple cider vinegar and lemon juice

Apple cider vinegar is a good fat solvent

It can be said that apple cider vinegar and lemon juice are a good fat solvent, and help you get rid of excess weight, and at the same time activate the body’s metabolic processes.. It contains a high percentage of potassium that helps transport nutrients to cells and remove toxic substances, and beta-carotene works It helps rid the body of free radicals.
Add it to salads, or drink it with water, provided that it does not exceed the rate of two teaspoons per day.

A note from «Madam Net»: Before applying this recipe or this treatment… you should consult a specialist doctor.

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