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Effective ways to treat constipation permanently


You suffer from the problem of constipation from time to time, or this problem accompanies you all the time, here are effective ways to treat constipation permanently, according to Doctissimo, so do not neglect it…

Eat at set times to promote good transit

The human gut has a true internal clock; So you have to start eating at specific times. Avoid snacking at any time or skipping meals now and then. Likewise when eating, it is essential not to hurry. So take the time to eat slowly and chew, as swallowing too quickly can especially cause bloating.

Remember to go to the toilet regularly and as soon as you need it, you don’t have to hang around the toilet too often. And don’t make a habit of reading in the little corner, for example. In fact, your gut will immediately adopt the habit of hanging out, too, and a slowdown in transit will follow.

Good food to cross

Don’t forget to eat fibre

The content of the dish is, of course, necessary for the restoration of intestinal transit. Eat a diet rich in fiber. You should consume about 30 grams of fiber per day; In particular, fruits and vegetables (5 servings per day) should be preferred. But you can also choose legumes (lentils, white beans…), as well as dried fruits, nuts or almonds, they are also useful (a small handful for afternoon tea, for example). Don’t forget whole grains, especially whole grain bread.

Several probiotics have been shown to speed up intestinal transit, an effect that is generally dependent on the dose of probiotics taken. In this sense, studies suggest a beneficial effect on people suffering from constipation.

Finally, don’t forget to drink about 1.5 liters of water per day.

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Sports and perpetual motion

Go back to physical activity if you forgot, in fact, movement enhances transit. Therefore, walking or small bodybuilding exercises are good ways to exercise the muscles, especially the stomach and have a perfect massage effect to cross.

Correct pace: 30 minutes a day of brisk walking, to be split up throughout the day.

The right rhythm to combat stress

Stress has an immediate effect on the intestines. It is directly responsible for slowing down transit. It is therefore essential to find a calmer pace, take the time to take a real lunch break and try to make more time during the day to relax.

Also, make time for bed, and try to sleep at regular times. Good sleep habits are also important for the proper functioning of the digestive system.

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