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Causes of premature graying and ways to avoid it


Early graying may appear in youth before the age of thirty, and sometimes it may appear in adolescence, as a result of the lack of melanin pigment in the body, which is responsible for hair coloring. The phenomenon of premature graying has increased significantly in recent years between both sexes. What are the causes and ways to avoid it?

There are many causes of premature graying

There are many causes of premature graying. Among them are genetic, psychological or organic causes, according to “Home Remedies for Gray Hair”, the most prominent of which are:
Genetic factors that are difficult to treat.
A deficiency of melanin in the body, which is responsible for the natural coloring of hair.
Vitamin B12 deficiency.
– Treatment of alopecia.
Smoking: Studies have shown that smokers are four times more likely to develop premature graying than non-smokers.
Anemia diseases.
Stress and psychological pressure.
Autoimmune diseases.
Hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism.
Exposing hair to chemical dyes.
Lack of interest in scalp hygiene, and neglect in treating dandruff.
Excessive use of heat styling tools.
Experiencing severe psychological crises.

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Premature graying can be avoided

Can premature graying be prevented?

There are several steps and procedures that you can follow to avoid the appearance of premature graying, including:
Refer to the doctor to make sure that there are no genetic factors behind it.
Obtaining nutritional supplements rich in vitamins, especially B12, protein, iron and calcium, to strengthen hair and maintain its color and luster.
Eat healthy foods and follow a healthy diet that includes vegetables, fruits, poultry, red meat, dairy products, and nuts. All elements strengthen hair, increase its density, and maintain its luster and health.
– Examination of the thyroid gland, to ensure its proper functioning, because its turbulent work is one of the direct causes of premature graying.
Quit smoking, as there is a strong relationship between it and premature graying.
Do not use hair dryers, heat styling tools, and chemical straighteners.
Reducing stress and anxiety as much as possible, and trying to stay away from psychological pressure.
Moisturizing the hair periodically, as dry hair is more prone to premature graying than others.
No to the excessive use of chemical dyes, which play a major role in the early appearance of white hair.

Note from “Madam Net”: Before applying this recipe or this treatment, you must consult a specialist doctor.

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