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A set of great tips to welcome the new year with optimism and happiness


We may have to look at the new year with more optimism and hope; For a brighter and happier life, and we consider it an opportunity for change and a watershed point for the events of a harsh year that passed under Corona. Here are some tips for welcoming the New Year with optimism and happiness from my sites: entreleadership and passionforbusiness.

Write down your plans and goals. Experiments have proven that whoever writes his goals on a piece of paper or in a notebook; As the year goes by, he feels obligated to implement what has been written. You can return to it as often as necessary; To add to it or modify it, you need a reference that you return to whenever you feel that you have lost the compass of your goals.
Start the new year with gratitude: You should look for what is worthy of gratitude in your life.
– Evaluation of the past year 2021: To start the new year with a deep look at the events of the past year, identify the most important experiences you gained in the past year and do not forget to look at the failures as well; This assessment will help you set New Year’s priorities and goals.
Determine your priorities for the new year: arrange your priorities in an appropriate manner and in accordance with the personal plan.
Dedicate time to consider the outstanding issues from the past year, and determine what you must finish quickly before the beginning of the new year, and what must be reconsidered to complete it as well, and remember that the correct beginning of the new year is based on ending everything suspended from the previous year.
Write a list of positive affirmations: These are short motivational phrases that help you program your subconscious mind to achieve certain goals. Writing positive affirmations for the New Year will help you stay focused on your goals, and create opportunities to achieve those goals.
– Take care of your external appearance, and make some adjustments to the “style” of clothes and external appearance in the new year; It will help you get a fresh start and enter into the atmosphere of the New Year with a spirit of optimism and happiness.
– Organize the place around you: carry out a cleaning campaign for your house or room, get rid of excess items and take care of repairing accumulated faults, and change the decor of your home or room: this will give you positive energy and help you quickly enter into the atmosphere of the New Year and go directly to work on implementing your personal plans.
– Congratulate your loved ones, relatives and friends on the New Year: through greeting messages or even sending traditional postcards for the New Year, and take the opportunity to tell those around you how much you love them and are proud to have them around you.
Get a little relaxing, meditate and make one New Year’s wish.
– Based on your priorities for the new year, choose an appropriate name for a new and distinctive start.
Get rid of the past and prepare for the future: to start a new year in your life, you must face the memories that hinder you from moving forward, you must put an end to the influence of the past on you and start preparing for the future, and most importantly, live your present moment and enjoy it and be grateful for what is in your hands now.
– Start a new year in your life by making a special decision, perhaps it is to quit a bad habit or return to study, or even the decision to end a troublesome relationship; What is important is that it be a decisive and powerful decision in your life.
Get rid of the grudge in your heart and try to forgive those who have wronged you; Forgiveness does not mean that you give up your right when you have a right, but forgiveness is a self-position based on expelling hatred and malice from your heart; Let your new year be off to a good start.

be tolerant

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– Give happiness to others and contribute to planting joy around you, not necessarily the people you know, you can give happiness to others through volunteer work, or even with a sincere smile, the important thing is that giving happiness to others is one of your new goals.
– Acquire new habits that you want to acquire this year, perhaps you want to develop habits of time management and management, even simple new habits will be important to renew your life.
Get rid of bad habits: Identify the three worst habits you have that you must get rid of, and look at your daily habits such as eating and sleeping, in addition to the bad social habits that you want to get rid of, such as missing appointments or defaulting with friends and close people in duties.
Give your family more time: Time is the most valuable thing you can give to your family. Try to spend more time with your family, whether you are married and have children or you are “single” to spend enjoyable times with your family.
Give yourself more time and try to devote time to yourself practicing a favorite hobby at least once a week, and give yourself time for entertainment as well.
Develop your social relationships, so that the New Year will be better, and you should take care of your social relationships more, not only by supporting your good relationships, but by getting rid of toxic relationships as well, and do not forget to develop appropriate social skills such as dialogue, discussion, listening skills, listening and personal skills that help you to Social integration.
Design your home garden: One of the special additions in the New Year is to buy some plants for the balcony, even if you do not have a balcony, you can buy small indoor plants to put on the shelves, taking care of plants will give you positive energy every day in the new year.
Control your digital life: There is no doubt that managing your activity on social networking sites and the Internet is one of the most important things that will affect your new year. Try to devote less time to social networking sites and improve the quality of time you spend on the Internet.
Make financial plans for the new year; To develop income and savings, and if you are in debt, paying off debts should be one of the top priorities for the new year.

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