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A Saudi consultant warns against the use of counterfeit perfumes and their effect on the respiratory system


Dr. Rabie Khokir, a consultant in allergy and chest diseases, warned of the dangers of using compound perfumes on the consumer’s respiratory system, which may cause chest diseases, such as asthma and shortness of breath, noting that the demand for buying them from perfume and mixture stores is increasing due to their cheapness.

Speaking in his diwaniya on Tuesday to doctors in the news, Al-Khouqir pointed out that the growth of the perfume trade and the sale of counterfeit compounds that carry many health risks, especially for those suffering from chest diseases, opened the door to non-specialists in the installation of these derivatives. These preparations are selected from cheap and imitation chemicals, as well as those who install them are not specialists and lack sufficient experience in installing the appropriate materials and types to be sold in the market.

Dr. Al-Khouqir stated that the symptoms of asthma are frequent infections in the airways and airways, accompanied by wheezing in the chest area, and this may lead to the accumulation of phlegm in the airway, and cause injury to the lungs, and the life of the injured may be endangered.

Khoqir said: “The cost of medical care provided by the Kingdom’s hospitals to patients with asthma amounts to 5 to 10 thousand riyals per month, depending on the severity of the condition. That the severity of asthma changes with time and from one person to another,” noting at the end of his speech that patients with asthma should take medical medications constantly while staying away from the use of irritants that help in the occurrence of asthma attacks.