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Woolen Belted Coats Fall-Winter 2021-2022


Woolen coats are one of the most important pieces of clothing that must be found in the closet during the winter season. Because it is important in cold weather, as it helps in heating, so it is important to choose it carefully for winter 2022.

Bevza Winter 2022 Belted Coats Models

Fashionable woolen coats

Akris black coat

It is important to choose woolen coats that are trendy, especially for day trips to work or to university, and one of the popular colors for winter coats this year is camel or brown and black, and the gray coat is on the list of coat colors 2022.
With each beginning of a new season, every woman begins to know the most important fashion trends in the world; To keep up with it, and to appear brilliantly. And as every year of the fall and winter season, the woolen coat is considered one of the necessities, and one of the most important pieces that the lady goes to buy and wear. However, it provides her with a feeling of warmth. The presence of the coat in her looks gives a distinctive, elegant, and luxurious character.
Several methods and very diverse ideas have emerged, to coordinate it within your looks. You can coordinate it in a casual, daily, practical way, with denim pants, and practical shoes; For a charming, refreshing and lively look. You can also coordinate it in a classic style, coordinating it with a short dress with high heels. The formats and styles vary according to your occasions, your own taste, and your personality, which is actually translated into the way you appear and your tendency to adopt classic or modern fashion.
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C Jean Long Coat

Black coat, coordinated for a casual look. Jeans and a black blouse with a high collar, pair it with a red handbag and black high-heeled shoes. As for a distinctive modern casual look; A must-have wool coat paired with check pants and a yellow cardigan with high heels.
C Jean puffer coat in black and white patterns, a modern and practical look, you can adopt it daily. Pair it with an under dress, black high heels and a distinctive handbag.

shout out every year

Calcaterra Long Belted Coat

Every year, the trend of long coats recurs, differing in terms of designs and the use of the most popular fabrics. Some fabrics play an effective role in highlighting the coat in a different way; Such as fur and velvet coats, which give the look endless luxury, or thin woolen coats, or even puffed ones, which give a more casual character.
The classic basic colors of wool coats are not absent from the arenas of international fashion houses, but the adoption of coats with bright and bold colors is a trend for this season of fall-winter 2022. You can control the coat according to your looks, you can adopt it in a closed way, using a belt knotted on the waist, or you can adopt it in an open manner; To highlight what you’re wearing underneath.

Braschi . Belted Belted Coat

This featured the beige wool coat, with a belt knotted at the waist, and the black coat closed with a belt to define the waist… They are all easy to wear and coordinate coats, the most popular and popular, suitable for all your occasions and outings, day as well as night.
Do not hesitate to adopt the woolen coat for this season of fall-winter 2022, and consider it an important part of your distinctive looks.

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