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What are the contract designs presented by the global role for the winter of 2022?


The designs of necklaces and chains presented by the international houses for the winter of 2022 are the basic and favorite accessories for many women, and every season we see them with the most attractive and elegant designs, and with various models suitable for all tastes.

Necklace designs by Salvatore Ferragamo

glamorous touches

Braschi’s Big Necklace Trend

Whether you prefer to be glamorous with gold, silver, or beautiful by blending a range of metals together, the big necklace trend this season has proven to be perfect for everyone, designers have chosen chunky and bulky necklaces as their favorite accessory, creating a stunning balance of elegance and boldness in their groups.
Why not add glamorous touches in a youthful, elegant and distinctive style?! This Braschi neck gaiter drop with a charm. It is a rose for a more beautiful look, especially if you are wearing a light-colored silk “top” and a black leather jacket.
For formal and luxurious occasions, adopt the choker necklace designed by Isabel Marant, which is designed in a beautiful artistic style in silver-tone metal, with sparkling stones stacked in an attractive and elegant style.

Charming necklace, Isabel Marant

Touches of refined simplicity, highlighted by the attractive design of the Ports 1961 brand, the thin and medium-length chain of metal in silver, decorated with an oval-shaped pendant, with a large and sparkling stone in a sophisticated gray color… and other attractive designs and models of necklaces that keep pace with the latest trends in the world of fashion and elegance.

Ports 1961 Attractive Chain

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Matching with the outfit

Acne Chunky Short Necklace

After every woman makes her decision about coordinating her perfect outfit, many of them find the choice of complementary accessories, such as decorations and accessories to match the outfit, a complicated and tedious task, in addition to the fact that it is necessary and important to be easy to move and move around with.
Acne’s short chunky neck necklace stands out beautifully, with the symmetry around the neck area; To show her beauty, she is best worn with closed pieces of clothing from the neck area.
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