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Wear printed coats for a classic look during Winter 2022


This season is filled with printed coats for a classic look. We find them everywhere. They give a bright and lively look. A variety of them are available with prints and patterns that depict animals, blooming flowers, or even three-dimensional images, in addition to that they are considered as formal and casual wear as well.

Do not hesitate to wear printed coats, they are wonderful, especially when you choose them with a winter dress or a skirt… All you have to do is choose the material and fabric you prefer, and don’t be afraid to show your style of coordinating it, whether you choose it in the morning or evening.

Akris Printed Skirt Coat

Coats in various prints, including animal prints, appeared this season on the catwalks of fashion shows, and in fashion trends for fall-winter 2021-2022. According to designers who introduced chic patterns with leopard and zebra prints, the animal print remains a classic with its bright tones, textured textures and relaxed knits; To liven up your new seasonal wardrobe.
It’s not a call to abandon the classic camel coats that remain the cornerstone of women’s winter wardrobe, but rather the desire to be daring with something new or more exotic.

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realistic and abstract

Altuzarra printed black and white striped coat

The printed coats stood out realistically and abstractly, all with a distinct accent of leopard and leopard and black and white zebra stripes, models that are bold enough and vibrant. Pair it with ultra-light tulle skirts and sturdy shoes with laces, as well as coats printed with zigzag black and white stripes; Because black and white is always a good compromise if you want to be a bit bold.
There is no doubt that checked coats are one of those classic prints that always seem to be in fashion when we talk about coats, and they are an ideal option to add to your wardrobe, as they combine a modern and elegant look; Because it gives the lady an attractive and elegant look, and it is easy to coordinate with clothes to get a wonderful look like the stars.

Celine Check Coat

special rules

Christian Pellizzari long printed coat

There are always special rules that you must follow when choosing a printed coat. You can choose the long, coiled model that will suit your figure in a more than wonderful way; Because it will help you to balance the upper and lower part of the body in an impressive manner, and the long coat is most suitable for the shape of your body, where you can choose it either with a straight cut in an open way, or by wrapping it with the adoption of a waist belt; For a great look at all times. And if you want to get a great look, take good care of choosing a printed short or long rolled coat, because these models will add some curves to you in a simple way.
Finally, the printed coat always reflects a modern look for the lady when choosing it at all times. It will not take you long to coordinate it. You can only adopt it in a quick way with jeans and a practical winter sweater, but you can wear it classically with trousers and an elegant blouse; For a charming look that catches the eye.
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