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Ways to wear the sweatshirt for the veiled


There are many types of clothes and their names in the world of fashion and fashion, and among these clothes that have swept the fashion lines, especially in the current season, is the “sweat-shirt”, which is a sweater that is easy to coordinate daily, such as wearing it at work, picnics or university, and it can be worn as an alternative to sportswear When you exercise and go to the club.

Comfortable views from Aisha Al-Aqeel

Aisha Al-Aqeel with a sporty look

Kuwaiti, Aisha Al-Aqeel, relies on comfortable, casual formats, in accordance with the latest fashion lines, so Aisha Al-Aqeel wore a comfortable gray sweatshirt and trousers with an elegant black vest. Blue designed in a practical and spacious style with an open check shirt in neutral colors with black jeans, black boots, and decorated with a white veil and a black leather bag.

Sarah Al-Duhaim in a monochrome look

Sarah Al-Duhaim in a monochrome look

The fashion of monochrome or the unified color of fashion is one of the most prominent fashion trends this year, especially after many fashionistas wore it, including the blogger and veiled Kuwaiti model, Sarah Al-Duhaim; She dressed in a wide white sweatshirt with comfortable cotton wide pants, for a simple look suitable for club outings or simple everyday looks. She wore sneakers in beige printed with neutral colors; To give it a new style.
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Lujain Al Dhafiri with a casual look

Lujain Al-Dhafiri with sports coordination

Lujain Al-Dhafiri, a Kuwaiti youtuber and beautician who cares about her elegance in a style that keeps pace with the latest trends, from which she coordinated the sweatshirt in several ways. Hazel brown, with a long brown leather coat, completed her look with a soft white veil for a simple and elegant everyday option.

Alaa Al Hindi in the printed sweatshirt

Alaa Al Hindi in the printed sweatshirt

Printed fashion is one of the modern and elegant fashion options that many fashion bloggers have resorted to in the recent period, including the Kuwaiti artist Alaa Al-Hindi; She wore a white, blue and violet printed cotton sweatshirt and trousers, and completed them with a long gray jacket to give her an elegant and comfortable everyday look.

Aya Fawzy in winter format

Aya Fawzy in winter format

For a comfortable look in neutral colors, we inspire you with the look of the Egyptian fashion blogger, Aya Fawzy, with black pants and a white sweatshirt printed in black with soft inscriptions, and she completed the look with a wool hat decorated in white with brown fur overlapping.
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Note: Pictures are from the Instagram accounts of the fashinista