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The most prominent fashion trends of 2021


Undoubtedly, the year 2021 produced many fashion trends, some of which continued from the year 2020, such as Active Wear fashion and sports shoes, and carried with it the new platform shoes with wide heels, high-leg boots, belt bag and the return of large shopping bags, while the cat-out fashion emerged strongly. Implemented with laser technology, which was evident in all our daily lives, and the croppy tops that accompanied us, from sports dress and jeans, through to formal dresses and wedding dresses, even. There is the cape that we wore in the year 2021, either attached to the dress from the shoulders or in the form of a separate robe, and we witnessed the emergence of the jumpsuit strongly.
These are, in a nutshell, the most prominent fashion trends of the year 2020, and we have chosen for you, madam, an outfit from every direction, so that you can take back what this year carried again in terms of elegance.

  • Active Wear wears a sophisticated evening concept

Kim Kardashian- Photo from her Instagram account

The Lounge Wear trend formed a real revolution in the year 2020 and continued in the year 2021, especially after the popularity of the Skims brand, which was launched by the star of social networking sites, Kim Kardashian, who is now wearing from her brand on important occasions. Silk pajamas but with the addition of feminine details.

– Platform shoes with high heels not flat

Platform shoes
Karen Wazen- Photo from the star’s Instagram account

In this image, the influencer Karen Wazen embodies the fashion of the year 2021, the metallic outfit has been going on for three years and we will carry it for the year 2022, and she coordinated with it the high-rise gold platform sandals, which are ideal for short or medium lengths because they give you a long stature.

  • High boots that reach above the knees

Maram Zubaydah – Photo from her Instagram account

In the year 2021, we moved away from the concept of Booties, even if the stars wore them, but the largest share was either for rubber boots of the type Tube Socks Boots, that is, which mimics the design of socks or wide-necked boots, but covers the knees and perhaps the upper thigh. We have chosen for you the beautiful influencer Maram Zubaydah, who is spending her family vacation in Paris with her husband, wearing the white Teddy coat that has become very popular this year, and she wears luxurious crocodile leather boots from Paris Texas, the most popular brand among the stars in 2021.

  • The shoulder bag is back after the wave of Cross Body Bags has receded


Medium-sized shoulder bags, which we put on the shoulder with a medium-length drawstring, returned to the fore after a decade of dominance of practical cross-body bags, and in 2021 the large rectangular or square bags of Dior and Louis Vuitton continued. We chose a leather bag from Awake Awake that the house coordinated with a classic striped shirt and a pleated leather skirt in the shape of chocolate squares.

  • Cut Out wedding dresses made their debut

Cut Out wedding dresses made their debut
Viktor & Rolf
  • The wedding dress has been liberated this year from its formal character, especially in the Middle East, where we are used to huge and dazzling dresses, so a large number of young people turned to dresses executed with laser cuts or open at the waist, a story that was not prevalent in wedding dresses. From designer Isabel Sanchis, we chose this waist-cut out dress, with a satin bowknot at the front and featuring an A-line skirt that drapes comfortably across the body.

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  • The leather crop top is made with laser cutting technology

Isabel Sanchis

It is the leather that is renewed every year, but the trend carried by the year 2021 is a leather skirt executed in the form of embroidered flowers and carefully coordinated with a leather top, executed in the Bandage method, ie in the form of bandages to add elegance to your look, a design we chose for you from designer Isabel Sanchez Isabel Sanchis.

  • Lemon yellow is one of the most popular colors on the red carpet

Alice & Olivia

In the year 2021, the emergence of green and dark violet colors continued, but the most prominent color was acid yellow and had a strong presence in the world of fashion and on the red carpet and in the height of the winter season. The star Gabrielle Union’s appearance in a lemon yellow dress is the best evidence of the popularity of this color. We also chose an outfit from Alice & Olivia brand, which is a tulle top and skirt.
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