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The looks of the artists in abayas for 2021


Many Arab and Gulf artists relied on the modest abaya during their visits to different Gulf countries, and through the latest photos, evaluate the most elegant look in 2021.

Nour Al-Ghandour in open abayas

Nour Al-Ghandour in an embroidered abaya

During her visit to Saudi Arabia, specifically the city of Jeddah, the Egyptian actress, Nour Al-Ghandour, shone in elegant and modern abayas that fit her daily appearance in different looks. Modern, she wore black heeled shoes with a checkered fabric. Aesthetically, she chose the low bun hairstyle with double tufts and makeup based on red lipstick. In Jeddah Formula, she appeared in a white midi dress embroidered with gold in the form of transverse stripes with shiny geometric shapes with a white abaya embroidered in the sleeves and pockets. In gold, and for her elegance, she adopted golden heels embroidered with multiple colors, and from an aesthetic point of view, the look was based on the loose hairstyle in a soft style and makeup based on bright fuchsia lipstick.

Hanadi Al-Kandari in a colorful abaya

Hanadi Al-Kandari in a colorful abaya

Kuwaiti actress Hanadi Al-Kandari is keen on diversifying the style of her looks in keeping with the latest fashion trends. With a soft, daily make-up and a hairstyle for loose hair in a soft style.
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The steadfastness of the believer in a satin abaya

The steadfastness of the believer in a satin abaya

For a modest, elegant and modern look suitable for everyday looks, Somoud Al-Momen wore a green satin abaya with a loose-fitting blouse and pleated skirt with multiple pleats with a beige bag and shoes. Aesthetically, her makeup was based on brown in its various shades.

Zina Emad in winter abayas

Zina Emad in a winter abaya

The Saudi singer and influencer on social media, Zina Emad, does not give up the various abayas in her looks, and for the winter we saw several distinctive abayas, most notably she wore a black abaya with shiny lobes designed with a coat cut in the front with sleeves to the middle and for her beauty she adopted a long black dress with a black veil Soft, she completed it with floral makeup, and in the second look, she coordinated the beige bisht abaya decorated with green velvet fabric with a soft black dress and a veil in olive green.

Baby Abdul Mohsen in a black embroidered abaya

Baby Abdul Mohsen in a black embroidered abaya

In a comfortable and modern look suitable for women who love femininity, brilliance and beauty, the Kuwaiti media influencer and influencer on social media, Bibi Al-Abd Al-Mohsen, chose a black abaya with transparent sleeves embroidered in black with daily casual and loose fashion to give her a distinctive look that suits her different style and looks.
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Note: Pictures are from the Instagram accounts of the stars