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The fringe trend will decorate your winter wardrobe


The soft lady is always attracted to the fashion that gives her a kind of liveliness and fun, no matter how old she is, she can wear it and shine in front of everyone. .

stole the lights

Alberta Ferretti black coat

Among the most prominent fringe designs that grabbed the spotlight at the Fashion Weeks for Winter 2022, there was a fringe-infused winter fashion signed by Alberta Ferretti, who presented a new soft design in harmony with the atmosphere of Winter 2022, characterized by soft fringes. This black coat was designed from luxurious fabric, with a belt decorated with golden metals in the middle, and sang by fringes from top to bottom, and it can be worn over clothes or worn alone in the form of a dress.
As for the lovers of oversizes, get inspired by your look in the winter of 2022 with the fringe trend over the oversize trend, so that it fits with all bodies and is easy to wear on most occasions and at all times. Why not choose maxi pants and a tunic with one sleeve?! The fringes were made of shiny beige, adding to the glow of the look.
For lovers of classic fashion, choose your charming look through a special piece; It is a suit jacket with one sleeve, while the other sleeve is designed with a set of long fringes that reach the bottom of the jacket. This jacket is a unique and whimsical piece if you are looking for a striking and bold look.
The blazer jacket also stood out; Through a new and unusual design of luxurious velvet fabric in charming purple, which is decorated with fringes from the shoulders, in addition to a white coat decorated with white and colored fringes from the bottom, it is one of the elegant and indispensable pieces in every woman’s wardrobe, as it is easy to coordinate with various Outfits for a charming look, or with white outfits.

Benjamin Benmoyal fringed coat

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luxury style

Etro Long Tassel Earrings

Just as the tassels draped clothes in the winter of 2022, these details were also intertwined in the accessories, particularly the earrings, coming in the form of chains or paired with shiny, embellished beads. This trend is definitely suitable for you if you like to stand out in a luxurious and lively style at the same time, and it is suitable for everyday, formal, and casual chic looks.
The trend of earrings with long tassels that come in the form of chains or decorated with sparkling beads is among the trends that have emerged strongly this season, and it came in various shapes to suit every woman who loves to shine in an elegant and eye-catching style. If combined with multiple tassels. You can adopt this form of earrings in your daily looks, if, for example, you wear simple clothes and want to take it to another level without making any effort.
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Braschi tassel necklace

As for the methods of adopting earrings paired with shiny tassels, they vary and are numerous. Do not hesitate to choose this form of earrings in your official looks to add a luxurious touch to it, while coordinating them, for example, with glamorous designs as well; To get all eyes on you. You can also adopt it in your casual chic looks, with a skirt, boots, and a high-necked sweater, for example, or even in your daily looks, provided that you choose it with a simple model; This is so as not to get an exaggerated look.
Accessories are an important piece in every girl’s wardrobe, especially those who want to refresh their traditional everyday look. Through some small details, and with the help of some of them, she can change the look of her appearance and coordinate the clothes with her.
Finally, in order for every girl and woman to look elegant every time, and on every occasion, she must keep up with the trends of tassel accessories, whether it be earrings, necklaces, and bracelets; To ensure you get unique accessories like no other.
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