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Printed dresses for international fashion trends


There are many models of printed dresses for winter 2022, wide designs, lively waves, and decorations that make the lady’s look very elegant and attractive. Why not choose from them what suits you from the most important international brands; To give you a modern and casual look?!

Akris Winter 2022 Printed Dresses Models

floral prints

Acne floral print dress

You can choose models of floral-printed dresses with wide and comfortable cuts, why not shine from Acne Po with the most beautiful floral-printed dresses with wavy gradations and geometric decorations that go beyond the knee limits, to be your choice with a wide leather belt and a solid shoulder trend?! He also selected for the winter of 2022 the most beautiful models of dresses printed with decorative flowers and lively patterns that stand out with soft lines; It drapes loosely with the side pockets down.
These dresses were not absent from the ready-to-wear collections for winter 2022, some brands made sure to present them in warm winter colors, as in the long-sleeved model signed and coordinated with silver shoes, in addition to the white dresses and plebeaux and décolleté.
Choose the floral-printed dresses, and they will transport you to a fantasy world that will enchant everyone around you, and give you an unparalleled feminine style.
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wild editions

Carolina Herrera wild-print dress

Wild prints of all kinds have kept their place on the list of winter trends 2022, and especially decorated dresses, turning them into ideal pieces for picnics, evening and evening occasions… Why not shine a dress from Carolina Herrera in black and white, distinguished by its long sleeves. Complement this look with black knee-high boots, or choose a long-sleeved dress covered with a snake print and pair it with black shoes and a red clutch.
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graphic editions

3.1Phillip Lim Black Graphic Print Dress 3.1Phillip Lim

If you like to choose models of black graphics printed dresses, choose from 3.1Phillip Lim white and straight dresses with a plunging cut to the bottom of the knee with black patterns and slashing details on the back of the dress, and do not abandon the models of black graphic printed dresses with large white patterns Sparkling with embossed beads and sheer tulle details, in an unparalleled glamorous style.
For a sophisticated elegance in the winter of 2022, choose the latest models of dresses printed with colorful geometric lines in a distinctive and unique form; Sparkle with these comfortable, wide-pleated cuts.
If you aim for a modern winter look, wear the dress with graphic prints, with a black jacket in a striking way from Alessandro Enriquez, and if you want to be more daring; Pair the dress with sandals and stockings, and for an extra dose of femininity and classics; Choose the printed cap.

Alessandro Enriquez graphic print dress with jacket

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