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How do you coordinate the casual jacket for winter 2022?


The casual jacket for winter 2022 has emerged, so don’t miss your chance; In order for it to be on your list of purchases for this season, especially that you can coordinate it with jeans in any degree of blue or black jeans, as it is considered one of the basic unifying pieces that fit with any other piece.

How to coordinate the casual jacket for winter 2022 from Blaze Milano

Winter Essentials

Ansel matte leather casual wide-leg jacket

The material of leather, whether artificial or natural, has become one of the essentials of the fall and winter season, so that many brands are producing it in different ways, some are very shiny, others are matte or have a slight sheen, and this is what has emerged a lot this season; Because the light leather sheen is more practical, and gives a more elegant look than the very shiny leather.
Do not hesitate to buy a matte leather jacket, as its cuts have become more spacious and fit any body shape, and coordinate it with jeans or a dress; To get an eye-catching look, you can also coordinate a white casual jacket with white pants, this look will be charming and distinctive and draw attention to you, especially in the morning, day and winter days that are not rainy.
Why not coordinate a casual jacket with skirts, especially made of satin material?! Combining two different pieces with a different style is also one of the ways to break the boredom and monotony in clothes. This combination is a very successful and unexpected coordination if the colors of the skirt were inspired by the color of the jacket, for example.
If you are tired of the fashion of wearing a casual jacket with winter dresses, why not try coordinating these dresses, especially made of satin material with a baseball jacket, as it is a combination of two different styles with each other.

Casual jacket with winter dress from Agnes B

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Inevitable shouts

Akris Casual Puffer Jacket

You can take inspiration from the color of the pants or the skirt from the colors of the jacket itself, or you can wear a color that complements the colors in the jacket easily, and you can create a style of unified colors, where the color of the jacket is the same color as the pants.
The puffer casual jacket is among the most prominent designs that took a prominent share in the winter of 2022, to be among the inevitable trends. Coordinating it with jeans will give you a youthful, casual and stylish look at the same time. Choose it with a short cut and coordinate it with wide jeans, or a parallel cut from top to bottom, as well as complement your look with sneakers, and stand out with a comfortable and warm look, and do not forget to add accessories; Like a wool hat, for example.
For a comfortable and warm style, coordinate the casual jacket with sportswear, this method will give you a stylish look, especially if you coordinate the jacket with a very popular tracksuit this season.
Finally, one of the ways to coordinate a casual jacket is to adopt it in a monochrome look; Any single color. For example, choose a beige jacket with clothes of this gradation, or in black with clothes of this gradation.

Casual jacket with sports clothes from Allenko3 Allenko3

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