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For men.. Sports looks from fashion shows


Today, men are looking for sporty looks; Because he spends most of his time outside the home, moving from one trip to another and from one job to another. Apparently, fashion designers have noticed this topic, and presented the modern man with the most beautiful designs with a sporty nature, which combine comfort and elegance in the fall-winter 2021-2022 collections.

For men.. Sports looks from the fashion shows from Iceberg

Innovation control

Christian Pellizzari’s track jacket

We’ve seen a lot of cotton or jeans, or even waterproof fabrics, used in the designs. As for the cuts, they were inspired by different types of sports; Such as running, horse riding, swimming, boxing, and others… Therefore, the innovations that emerged in the sports-style jackets, the loose-fitting cotton pants, the accessories that included hats, the large bags that accommodate different day needs, and of course the luxurious sports shoes and the innovative design. You can adopt the sporty look for a complete look, preferably for morning outings, or coordinate a piece of this trend as a jacket or shoes with elegant clothes; For a modern look.
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Sports fashion has emerged for a more interesting look that combines comfort and elegance, and there is no doubt that some men prefer bold colors, and others prefer simple graphics over sports t-shirts and even pants, from which loose sports models have emerged for more freedom and movement, and there is no doubt that these pieces are available in various International brands in many colors.

A Cold Wall Loose Sweatpants

basic pieces

Asian Fashion Collective . White Sneakers

White sneakers are considered essential pieces for coordinating casual clothes for daytime looks, as well as coordinating socks with the color of shoes and clothes from the basic rules for an elegant look for men. This type of shoes has become one of the essential pieces in the wardrobe of every young man or man, and wearing them is no longer limited to the looks of the gym or travel trips, but any man can coordinate them in many looks that combine youthful winter looks with practical and comfortable style. Why not coordinate the shoes with sportswear and casual tops, such as sweaters, T-shirts, elegant plain shirts, or with soft patterns?! You can add a touch of sophistication; Coordinating long coats with casual looks with sports shoes, or maintaining a youthful character; Coordinated with a leather jacket or a wool cardigan.

Sneakers with a solid color design from Gunther

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