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Dalal Al-Doub’s Abayas and Looks in the Riyadh Season


While attending the various events of the Riyadh season in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, many veiled women are looking for practical and elegant looks that provide them with a modest and elegant appearance at the same time, so we choose the most prominent looks of Dalal Al-Doub for you to look like her.

Dalal Al-Doub with a practical look with the green petticoat

Dalal Al-Doub with a practical look with the green dress

In a practical, soft and elegant casual style, Dalal Al-Doub coordinated her look with a black cotton pullover and black pants designed with a triangle-shaped opening at the ends with a winter green petticoat, to complement her looks in a modern style. The jacket was decorated with a cape cut and side pockets with multiple buttons. And a leather bag, with a white veil with an elaborate wrap and black glasses, and aesthetically she adopted a soft, earthy make-up to suit the winter in a soft feminine style.

Comfortable winter outfit from Dalal Al-Doub

Comfortable winter outfit from Dalal Al-Doub

For a comfortable look that is suitable for various looks and daily walks, Dalal Al Doub chose a blue pullover with red graffiti with wide jeans and a red winter coat decorated with practical buttons, and completed the look with a veil and white sneakers, and from the aesthetic point of view she was adorned with nude makeup based on natural pink shades for a distinctive and appropriate option For the various daily trips in the activities of the Riyadh season.
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Neutral Abayas by Dalal Al Doub

Neutral Abayas from Dalal Al Doub

In the Boulevard of Riyadh City, Dalal Al-Doub was keen to choose her looks brilliance, in a modest and elegant abaya in white and black color printed with golden inscriptions and inscriptions in the form of modern leaves, and she completed her look with black leather accessories with a huge bag and shoes with practical heels. In the second look, she appeared in a loose black abaya designed with practical embroideries at the edges of the sleeves with a beige fabric in the sleeves. She wore soft, soft beige shoes with a modern purple bag of leather designed with continuous lines. She adopted a soft, earthy makeup with winged eyeliner for the eyes; To give it style.

Dalal Al-Doub in a comfortable travel abaya

Dalal Al-Doub in a comfortable travel abaya

When she traveled, Dalal Al-Doub adopted a modern abaya of green linen designed with a wide cut with a practical casual look in white with a beige veil, and she was adorned with a brown bag embroidered with flowers with sports shoes with a soft accessory. Soft feminine.
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Note: Photos are from Dalal Al-Doub’s Instagram account