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Choose the most beautiful outfits to welcome 2022


Many brands were keen to present the most beautiful high-end suits to welcome the year 2022, which suits the elegant lady and is distinguished by her charming designs in harmony with this occasion. What do you think of adopting one of them instead of the dress?! Where you have many options that catch the eye.

Choose the most beautiful suits to welcome the year 2022 from Christophe Josse

Glitter Touches

Francesca Cotton . Elegant Solid Color Women’s Jumpsuit

Various suits emerged in their designs, and were dominated by bright touches in various colors, including blue and black, as well as a black suit with a waist belt, in addition to high-end and attractive models in soft colors and decorated with bright details on the chest with wide pants that combine elegance and modesty, as well as blue suits decorated with flowers. The large red, which you can coordinate with a red bag as you wish, decorated with tassels at the ends, a vibrant design and attractive colors, such as green and pink… The elegant white and off-white suits were not absent with charming designs, such as the suit with layered sleeves and decorated with embroideries on the chest and pants. The suit has lace accents on one side with a belted waist and long back sash.
Diverse and elegant designs presented by Francesca Cotton brand of elegant, monochromatic women’s suits, and many models that combine blazer and pants in harmonious colors, and most importantly, are the attractive colors and the luster that captures the hearts; Thanks to the fine silk fabrics used.
In addition to jackets in black, international brands presented women’s suits in soft colors, such as pink, light blue and green… They are ideal for different ages, whether you are a young girl or a mother, and are also distinguished by elegance.

Armani Prive silk-blend suit

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White suit from Fendi

The designs of the suits varied between the short and long jacket, as well as the narrow and wide pants, and the white women’s suit, signed by Fendi, which consists of a white jacket decorated with prominent flowers, and wide white pants, stood out.
We also saw suits that combined black and brown with a fluffy design with wide black pants, a model that was distinguished by its diversity; Because it simulates all tastes.
As for the suits with short and medium-length jackets, it was present this season, as the black suit, consisting of a short jacket with a round neck, embellished with black heart-shaped embroidery and high-waisted trousers, appeared with a black shoulder bag with a gold chain and black pointed shoes for a wonderful look.
Why not opt ​​for a tailored suit with a cropped white jacket and stark pink satin pants?! Pair it with silver or white shoes and carry a silver clutch, and there is another more charming and wonderful option; It is the black suit with a V Neck decorated with prominent ruffles from the signature of the brand Yanina Po. Pair it with black shoes for a charming look.
Finally, you do not mind choosing a colorful suit with a long A Line jacket decorated with thin belts of the same color, and coordinating it with shoes and clutches in the solid silver color; For an evening to keep in mind.

Yanina Po black suit

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