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Casual abayas models suitable for the events of the Riyadh season


Casual abayas are a modest and elegant piece that fits with the atmosphere of the events of the Riyadh season for the year 2021, and for our keenness on your elegance, we have chosen for you several ideas for wearing the abaya in a distinctive and elegant style.

Satin abaya from Shahd Al Zahrani

Shahd Al-Zahrani in a satin abaya

Satin dominated the fashion lines since the summer season until this fall, and with the launch of the activities of the Riyadh season, we see it dominating the various pieces of clothing, including the abayas, so we choose, but from the Saudi media and the fashionista, Shahd Al-Zahrani, a greenish-blue satin abaya designed in a soft style with a veil in a lighter degree, She accessorized her look with a classic black strap watch by Van Cleef & Arpels.

Embroidered Abaya by Amal Al Ansari

Amal Al-Ansari in an embroidered abaya

For a traditional look that expresses the cultures of the Gulf countries, the Saudi beauty expert, Amal Al-Ansari, was inspired by her designer abaya, which is designed in the combination of the blue color embroidered with white with the plain brown fabric in a distinctive earthy tone.

Fatima Al-Ansari in an indigo abaya

Fatima Al-Ansari in an indigo abaya

If you are a fan of abayas designed in one color to give you a distinctive and elegant look, we choose an indigo blue abaya designed with narrow sleeves, and Fatima Al-Ansari adopted a veil that falls on the head, highlighting the wavy hair and nude makeup, for a simple and distinctive option suitable for all events.

Red abaya from Fatima Hossam

Red abaya from Fatima Hossam

Open abayas are a fashion that never goes out of fashion, as they stand out every time in a different and more elegant style. She looks with a watch designed with a white bracelet and soft jewellery.
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Fatima Al Mazmi in a velvet abaya

Fatima Al Mazmi in a velvet abaya

In the fall, and in preparation for the onset of winter, many girls depend on the abayas designed from velvet; To provide them with heating, given that a lot of the season’s activities are in open outdoor courtyards, so you can choose this abaya from the Emirati blogger Fatima Al Mazmi, which is designed in a brown color with embroidered velvet on both sides, and her looks are decorated with gold-colored jewelry.

Satin Abayas by Shahd Nasir

Satin Abaya by Shahd Nasir

From the Jordanian beauty blogger and youtuber, Shahd Nasser, you can take inspiration from a gray satin abaya embroidered on both sides with small lobes, and completed it with a soft white dress with a gray veil and distinctive nude shoes.
Black Abayas for a classic look

Note: All photos are from the Instagram account and blogger