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4 trends that changed the course of fashion during Arab Fashion Week


The panel discussions that took place at the Arab Fashion Week constituted a forum for dialogue between various fashion enthusiasts and experts, from fashion designers to fabric innovators and design studios equipped with high technologies for processing and cutting fabric using 3D techniques, or for designing fabrics from recycled materials, which has become a popular trend today.

From BLSSD Show

The Arab Fashion Week has brought positive benefits, as it is the first event in attendance after a forced absence imposed by the Corona pandemic, an event that coincided with the Dubai Expo 2020 and was accompanied by events aimed at activating the fashion that were affected after the quarantine, such as Giorgio Armani’s presence in Dubai and the organization of huge exhibitions for the role of Classy, ​​including for Dior, Chanel, and other events that were organized this month in particular.

From the Poca&Poca show

What are the last days deals included?

The shows carried 4 new trends to the fashion of spring-summer 2022, and we will shorten them to four shows:


l From BLSSD Showcase

The Arab Fashion Week launched the concept of grateful fashion that does not deny the bounty of nature, so it is trying to return the favor by showing its gratitude and adopting recycled fabrics and materials, as happened with the Lebanese designer, Lama Riachy, who lives in Dubai, and from there launched her own brand called BLSSD. The proceeds of the sold items returned to treat cancer patients. The collection was also characterized by oversized dresses and maxi skirts that were carefully coordinated with blazer jackets, and asymmetrical outfits, which were dominated by white, black and dark blue colors, and the house used Pleated and metallics.

  • Pink dominates the stage

Poca&Poca Pink Frill Dress

The Polish brand Poca & Poca was founded in 2010 by brothers Carolina and Viktor Gniwijk who share a common denominator: attention to detail. The brand addresses the elegant and simple woman at the same time, so the designs are characterized by simple lines and modern cuts.

The overwhelming femininity of Poca&Poca

The idea revolved around the pink color, with the addition of details to enrich the pieces, from ruffles and feminine ribbons, worthy of a modern princess belonging to the present world.

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Poca&Poca Blue Gray Dress
  • A Latin pulse revives the monotony of the canvas

Glory Ang Printed Dress

Under the title Magic Creatures, the Colombian house Glory Ang presented its new collection for the summer of 2022 inspired by the nature of South America.

Glory Ang . Printed Dress
  • Fashion imitates the street and farewell to the perfect standards

Emergency Room . Fashion Blazer Dress and Color Block from Emergency Room

From Dubai, the Emergency Room brand united the Lebanese community, to showcase pieces that bring the brilliance of Beirut to mind, by launching recycled designs of decorative curtains, bed fabrics and bedspreads by French creative director Arik Ritter, who lives in Lebanon. It is noteworthy that the models are just young women who do not have ideal standards, and they have been forcibly migrated from Lebanon due to the recurring crises that the country suffers from. The ensemble wore short jackets, mini skirts, sheer tops and shorts. The collection can be summed up as a fusion of colors and fabrics in one show.

Emergency Room . Wide Open Dress Pants
Emergency Room . Home Decor Fabric Skirts

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Note: Photos are from the media office of Arab Fashion Week