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2022 White Coats Models


Many women stay away from white in winter, especially white coats, either because this color is mentally associated with the refreshing summer, or for fear of easy staining, especially on cold and rainy days. If you want to renew your winter looks, and add lively and refreshing touches; Do not hesitate to choose white coats, which are very popular in the world of fashion and style 2022.

Burberry white coats 2022 models

Various designs

Alabama Muse long white fur coat

Many distinctive designs of coats in white have emerged, including elegant classic cuts, and modern and youthful ones; Such as wide coats with geometric cuts and prominent buttons, and long coats, which are the favorites of many stars and celebrities, with their striking and elegant options. Do not dispense with luxurious white fur coats, and fur is no longer associated with formal looks only, you can also coordinate it with jeans or practical and casual dresses; To shine with eye-catching looks. Follow more: Woolen Belted Coats Fall-Winter 2021-2022 Renew your winter wardrobe and be modern and elegant; Through your choice of white coats with modern styles that have been dominated by the spirit of innovation; Diversify your dark winter looks and shine with a dazzling and striking style. Feel free to pair this coat with a silver metallic dress.

White coat with silver metallic dress from Chanel

The designers’ attention was paid to the designers’ attention in white coats with buttons on both sides, in addition to the wide-collar coat decorated with embossed feathers, which was distinguished by its medium length and refined cut that suits both day and evening looks. The coat also featured a defined cut to the body, golden buttons lined on both sides, and feathers covering the collar, a design that will crown your evening look with luxury. Follow more: Jacket models decorated with fringes for a lively look

Akris white wide-legged coat

This winter, the fashion of white coats, designed with wide cuts and wide shoulders and prominent, dominated, why not adopt the wide coat with a wrap and a round neckline, in addition to the long or maxi coat model that formed a large part of the Winter 2022 collections, you will like the style of the coat, the dress with puff sleeves or the coat Oversized, high-necked collar that will keep you warm in cold weather. It is not necessary to coordinate a white coat with a bag of the same color. Carry a yellow or green bag for a bright look on cold winter days, and for a soft look; Try coordinating earthy outfits with a white coat. Finally, we coordinate the white coat with pants of the same color and a camel-colored sweater, and complement the look with nude pointed shoes, and if you coordinate the white coat with a black dress; It is preferable to complete the look with red or burgundy accessories.

White coat with earthen outfits from Bevza

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