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Does Microsoft close the old Control Panel page?


Microsoft is currently working on moving more features and features from the old classic Control Panel to the new Settings app, since 2015 since the launch of Windows 10.

The American software company added more changes in the “Settings section” in the new Windows 11 earlier in the year 2021, which the company supported with a set of advanced tests before replacing the Control Panel functionality. What confirms the theory that Microsoft is close to dispensing with the classic Control Panel, is that it moved the advanced network settings to a new page in the Settings application with all the new beta versions it released for Windows 11.

Moving the settings ensures that you have more options for sharing folders and printers, and other options that allow network discovery. According to what Microsoft has done, users are now surprised that some network settings entry points in Windows 11 are redirecting the user to the Settings app, instead of forcing him to use the Control Panel. In the current version, the links for the Control Panel section used to uninstall applications are redirected to the new Settings application, so that the user can uninstall programs, applications, and Windows Updates directly via Settings, so uninstalling Windows updates became part of the Settings application instead of the Control Panel.

Microsoft is still trying to implement its long-desired plan to move away from the Control Panel in Windows 10, but it did not implement it at the time, even before this time when it introduced a separate Settings application in Windows 8 in an attempt to overhaul the traditional Control Panel.

The separate Settings app and the classic Control Panel remained side by side in Windows 8 at the time, and since it was designed years ago was intended to replace the Control Panel, but until now there are still more settings that take you to the Control Panel than Settings. All these evidence, from Windows 8 to the current Windows 11, confirm that Microsoft will not hesitate to replace the traditional classic Control Panel with the new Settings application.