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Decorating tips for choosing the right console table design


The console table gives an aesthetic value to the entrance to the house, and it is multi-use, whether it comes to its surface or its other (hidden) parts that are designed according to the modern style to store shoes, or are designed in a way that the said table acts as a coat hanger. More ways to choose the console table, and decorating tips on how to arrange it in the entrance to the house, in information derived from interior design engineer Reham Farran, below.

Console table in the narrow hallway

The console table should lean against a striking wall in the decor

The console table appears to be the first piece of furniture that the visitor sees when the door of the house is opened to receive him, so it is necessary to choose this piece well, so that it best expresses the style of the apartment, and its colors, especially when the entrance is connected to the reception hall. The harmony between the design of the table and other elements of the space is essential. Therefore, the engineer, Reham, attaches importance to the design of the console table, as the decorations contained in the piece, elegance and luxury all reflect the taste of the owner of the house.

The presence of the mirror is indispensable to the console table

She says that “the console table that takes its place in the entrance of a narrow house is usually painted in a light, modern color, such as silver, white, light gray or even light wood.”

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And she adds that “the presence of the mirror is indispensable in the narrow space, where the console table is, provided that the table is designed in a way that combines the classic and modern styles, such as choosing a thick marble (or ceramic) surface, with two drawers under the surface, and the four-piece legs being Finely engraved. A square (round or tall) mirror rests on the table.”

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Engineer Reham stresses the importance of coordination between the material that designs the console table, and other materials that are evident in the entrance decorations, such as the floor, the door of the house and the walls, in addition to achieving harmony between the table handles and the antiques distributed on its surface, as well as the hangings on the walls.

Interior Design Engineer Reham Farran

She says that the narrower the entrance area, the design of the console table in a soft way, with the magnification of the mirror.

A model of the design of the console table

On the other hand, when the console table is located in the spacious entrance, there are no restrictions on the designer’s choices, whether in terms of colors, materials or shape, in addition to the size of the console table, which can be adjacent to a cupboard, while decorating the surroundings with paintings.”

A second model of the console table design

On the other hand, if the entrance area of ​​the house is independent and separate from the other parts of the house that are hidden behind thick doors or walls, then engineer Reham can apply special decorations for the entrance, which applies to the design of the console table.

Ways to help design the console table

The accessories that decorate both sides of the console table top are longitudinal favorites
  • The console table usually leans on a wall that is remarkable in its design. It is not only recommended to paint the wall, but it is recommended to cover it with stone or install wallpaper on it, as well as distribute the lighting.
  • Ceramic is a very popular material, and it is widely used in wall coverings, in addition to floors. In this context, the console surface can be designed from clear ceramic in the entrance decorations, which achieves a pure aesthetic.
  • The accessories that adorn the sides of the console table top are preferred longitudinal, while in the middle may be small candles, roses or low green plants.

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