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What are the legs of strawberries and how to get rid of them?


“Strawberry legs” or folliculitis are small brown spots that appear on the legs or anywhere else that contains hair follicles. It looks annoying as if the hair on your legs has just grown. What about this problem and how to treat?

Treating the problem of “strawberry legs”


What are strawberry legs?
These are the very small dots that appear with hyperpigmentation representing either hair follicles, shaved hair or keratin that has been exposed to air and oxidized.
No matter how we wish for smooth skin, the prominence of hair follicles on the legs prevents this from being a reality. They begin to appear when they reach puberty and hair begins to grow. And since women tend to shave more, this phenomenon is more common for them. Despite the name “strawberry legs”, these small dots can appear anywhere you have follicles.
This is the scientific name for hair bumps and razor bumps. “Folliculitis is actually folliculitis that can come from sweat, heat, and bacterial overgrowth. It can be exacerbated by shaving.”
How do we treat strawberry legs?
Folliculitis cannot be cured, but the inflammation can be controlled by controlling the way you shave, such as not shaving the hair but plucking it. The only way to get rid of it is laser hair removal.
Exercising too much can also aggravate folliculitis. Sweaty clothes trap bacteria and moisture, which multiply and make everything worse.
The best thing to do is determine why the strawberry has legs in the first place. It could be a normal anatomy, folliculitis, or a dry, eczema-like skin sign called keratosis pilaris.
For this problem, he recommends exfoliating the skin with an exfoliator containing salicylic acid or glycolic acid to treat it, along with a moisturizer rich in ceramides, because skin with these points does not lock in moisture well. To deal with the symptoms of redness and itching similar to eczema, it is preferable to use a topical steroid such as cortisone.
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