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Tricks to prevent the bride’s eyeliner from falling out


Kohl is one of the essential components of the bride’s makeup that cannot be dispensed with, so that the bride appears with an attractive look that catches the eye on the night of her life.

Many brides face the problem of eyeliner during the wedding ceremony, due to the high movement or the high temperature of the weather. In the following lines, “” informs you of tricks to prevent the bride’s eyeliner from flowing:

1- Use an eyelid primer before applying kohl

The primer plays an important role in preventing the eyeliner from drooling and ensuring that the eye makeup stays on for the longest period during the wedding, so you can apply the eyelid primer and distribute it using an eye shadow brush or your finger, evenly all over the entire eyelid from the lash line to the brow bone, to prevent the bride’s eyeliner from running .

2- Choose a waterproof eyeliner

Choose waterproof eyeliner to prevent eyeliner from drooping

Not all types of eyeliner are water-resistant, and sometimes water-resistant eyeliner types are offered that last 24 hours, but in fact, they only last for two hours, especially with high temperatures or oily skin. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a fixed and waterproof eyeliner that suits your skin type, Before applying it to your wedding. Follow more How to put white eyeliner for the bride

3- Fix the eyeliner with eye shadows

Fix kohl with eye shadows

When eyeliner and eyeshadow are applied together, it helps prevent the eyeliner from drooling. This trick improves the color of the liner and fills in any errors in the eyeliner drawing, while adjusting the line at the same time. To apply this trick, once you have finished lining your eyes, choose an eyeshadow color that matches the color of the kohl, which is usually dark brown, black or navy, and use a small liner brush to carefully apply the shadow to the kohl, but be sure to choose a highly pigmented shade.

4- Apply translucent powder to the lower lash line

Eyeliner applied to the lower lash line tends to run more than that applied to the upper lash line and eyelid, because the oils in eye creams and cream concealers can dissolve makeup. To avoid this, use translucent fixing powder to fix the concealer under the eye, adjust the illumination of the under-eye area, and prevent eyeliner from drooling.

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