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The truth about shrinking pores


If you find yourself looking closely into a magnifying mirror, wondering how to make your pores smaller, you’re not alone. It seems we’ve all had an obsession with poreless skin.

When it comes to getting rid of pores, the truth is we can’t. Pores are on your face for a good reason. It is a small hair follicle containing a sebaceous gland that secretes oil. The purpose of the pores is to allow the oil produced by the sebaceous glands to travel to the hair follicles and reach the surface of the skin and lubricate it. This natural oil is called sebum and keeps the skin moisturized and healthy.
While it’s true that some days your pores may look larger than others, the idea that you can open and close them is wrong: largely.
Your pores do not have muscles attached to them, so they are not able to move or change shape. However, their appearance and size are influenced by many factors including skin condition, genetics and lifestyle. Pores can appear to grow in size as we age, due to the depletion of collagen and elastin in the skin making it less tight.

So while you can’t change the normal size of your pores, you can do a lot to prevent them from expanding further. Follow how:

Double skin cleansing

Keep detergent in mind
Good cleansing is an essential first step in maintaining normal pore size. Make-up, daily dirt and city pollution all stay on the skin all day, and need to be removed completely to prevent pores from clogging and thus enlarged. Double cleansing is your secret weapon here: First, remove makeup with oil or balm, then try the gel to treat the skin.
Skin refining and exfoliation
Chemical peels are a great way to keep pores clean and clear. Incorporating a daily scrub into your routine can work wonders. It speeds up cell turnover and reduces clogging to prevent congested pores that appear larger.
An alpha hydroxy acid wet pad is your best choice for a quick and easy exfoliation, while seasoned acid users can switch to effective liquid exfoliation.
Use retinol
Retinol can be a useful ally in terms of shrinking pores, but proper use is crucial. Retinol helps reduce oil production and the buildup of congestion in pores that can be a cause of enlargement. However, as with most active ingredients, too many good things can have the opposite effect. When using retinol, you must complete the treatment.
Pore ​​Minimizing Primer
When it comes to quick fixes, there’s one in particular that works brilliantly at concealing pores. The best way to instantly conceal uneven skin textures and ensure a smooth make-up base is by using a primer designed specifically for large pores.
Basically rethink
Pairing a pore-minimizing primer with the right foundation is key to a smooth makeup finish. Avoid anything with a lot of oil or moisture, apply a finishing foundation where you want a glow, but stick to long-wearing, oil-free formulas in areas you want to conceal open pores.
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