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Saffron for the bride for a smart body scent and soft skin


Sweating and dry skin are two common problems among brides, but they can be eliminated easily through the use of fermented types that give the body a fragrant smell, moisturize the skin of the body and make its texture smooth as silk, using effective and strong natural ingredients that do not have any side effects on the skin. In this article, we will show you how to prepare saffron for the bride for a breathtaking body scent, and for a smooth skin like children’s skin.
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Types of leavening for the bride

There are many types of yeast for the bride, whose use is very common and widespread among brides in the Arab countries, and they are made from natural ingredients known for their strong fragrant smell and high ability to moisturize the skin. Each country is known for a specific yeast, there is the Sudanese yeast, in addition to the Gulf yeast, which is prepared in the Gulf countries from natural ingredients.

Ingredients for fermented saffron for the bride

Saffron for the bride’s body

To prepare saffron for the bride at home, you need a set of ingredients: two tablespoons of saffron oil, two tablespoons of rose water, a cube of red musk, two tablespoons of glycerin, and a can of Vaseline.

How to prepare it

At first, grate the red musk cube, and put it in a bottomed bowl. Then, add glycerin and rose water to it. Stir the ingredients and place them in a hot bath while continuing to stir until the ingredients are completely dissolved. Then, add the Vaseline, stir the ingredients well, and then put them in a clean bottle.

Benefits of saffron ferment for the bride

Saffron fermented to perfume and moisturize the bride’s skin

The benefits of saffron for the bride are not limited to moisturizing dry skin and perfuming the skin of the body, as it also benefits the hair, in addition to being one of the effective natural moisturizers for the skin, and its distinctive smell that lasts for a long time, it also works to reduce the size of large pores, and give hair Smells great, feels soft and naturally shiny. It also helps in combating the problem of hair loss, preventing its fragility, and facilitating its straightening, as well as it treats the problem of split ends of the hair.
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