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Incredible benefits of awapuhi for hair


If you use Tiktok or maybe Instagram, chances are you have seen some videos of a mysterious looking plant that people call nature’s shampoo or ginger shampoo. The videos usually show people curiously pressing a cone-shaped pine plant filled with rich nectar, or women in lush tropical regions pressing the plant and applying it to the hair for washing. It all seems so magical, which made us curious to know more about the benefits of this plant for hair.

This plant is called Awapuhi, and it’s not just about how it looks, but how it can help your hair. So what exactly is awapuhi?
It is a type of wild ginger native to Hawaii and Polynesia. It comes in the shape of a long pine cone and has a mucous sap that smells like ginger. Awapuhi is a Hawaiian name whose juice is extracted from the flower and used in shampoos and other beauty products. Hawaiians have used this special plant for centuries to grow and nourish hair, and the reason why it’s called “nature’s shampoo” is because the plant itself can be used to wash hair directly.

What is awapuhi:

Awapuhi for hair

Plug Type: Hair conditioner and conditioner.
Key benefits: Smoothes hair, reduces frizz, and repairs dry and damaged hair.
Who Should Use It: Overall, awapuhi is great for all hair types, but it promises better benefits for those with coarse, dry or damaged hair that might benefit more from adding it to their routine.
How you can use it: You can use Awapuhi daily.
Works well: Awapuhi works well with other nourishing hair building ingredients like keratin.

Benefits of awapuhi for hair


Awapuhi is known for its ability to add intense shine and softness to hair, as well as for its anti-inflammatory benefits. Here are some of the main ways the ingredient can help your hair:
Hair treats: Awapuhi is known for its ability to repair and moisturize damaged hair. Awapuhi helps repair dry and damaged hair.
It is an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant component: Studies have shown that awapuhi has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It may help treat dandruff as well as nourish the scalp.
Balances Moisture: Awapuhi extract balances moisture for shiny, manageable, healthy-looking hair.
Protects hair from damage: Long-term use can help protect hair, thus promoting its growth.
Makes hair soft and silky: Many blogs and other anecdotal evidence claim that it makes dry, coarse, frizzy hair smoother and more manageable.
How to use awapuhi for hair
If you can get your hands on an awapuhi or are lucky enough to live somewhere where it grows naturally, you can use it directly on your hair. Simply tap the plant to release the glue, apply it to your hair and wash as usual. You can even do double duty and use it as a body wash if you like.
Note from “Madam Net”: Before applying this recipe or this treatment, consult a specialist doctor
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