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How to draw a wide eyeliner


Eyeliner drawings in all its forms are the most prominent fashion in the world of beauty and make-up, and it has become very popular and widespread, with the emergence of a trend of many make-up trends that aim to focus on the eyes and highlight them and make them larger and more spacious. Among the eyeliner drawings is the wide eyeliner drawing that many women prefer over other eyeliner drawings. In the following, we show you how to draw a wide eyeliner for small and large eyes, so that you can master it yourself at home, and get the perfect eye makeup.
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How to draw a wide eyeliner for wide eyes

Eyeliner for wide eyes

If you are a woman with wide eyes, here is how to draw a wide eyeliner for wide eyes:
First, you must make sure to prepare the eye contour well, before starting to draw the wide eyeliner, by applying the concealer around the eye to hide all impurities and give the delicate skin a smooth texture. Then, using a thin feather, draw an upward line from the outer corner of the eye toward the tip of the eyebrow. Then, draw another line starting from the tip of the winged eyeliner line down to the middle of the eyelids in line with the upper eyelashes, and thus you get a triangle. Fill in the spaces with liquid eyeliner, and draw small lines on the upper eyelash line, starting from the inner corner of the eye outward, and then pull the tip of the eyeliner a little outward. And if you wish, you can pass the black eyeliner inside the eye.

How to draw a wide eyeliner for small eyes

Eyeliner for small eyes

But if you are one of the women with small eyes, then you should make sure to adopt a wide eyeliner drawing that will make the small eye larger, wider and more beautiful, by following two methods:
The first method: Draw black and winged lines on the entire upper eyelid, in a way that pulls outward, so that it reaches the borders of the eyebrows, using black eyeliner. Increase the attractiveness and volume of your eyes through the use of false eyelashes.
The second method: Using liquid eyeliner, draw lines drawn from the middle of the upper eyelid towards the outside of the eye, then draw a line along the lower eyelid, using green eyeliner, as it is a very effective trick to make the small eye look larger.
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