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How to care for sensitive mixed skin of the bride


The look of the bride depends in particular on the health and beauty of her skin. Hence, the role of skin care, especially sensitive mixed skin; Where it requires special care that enhances its health and beauty. In the following, “” informs you about the ways to take care of the sensitive and mixed skin of the bride.

How to care for sensitive mixed skin of the bride

Steps to take care of the sensitive mixed skin of the bride

Easy and simple steps, restore freshness and radiance to the bride’s mixed and sensitive skin on her wedding day.

Face wash

Avoid using facial soaps, which dry out and irritate the skin. It is necessary to choose a face wash for sensitive mixed skin and apply it in the morning and evening, which helps to moisturize the skin and get rid of excess oils and purify the pores from the depth and remove all sediments without causing dryness of the skin.


The toner is one of the most important skin care products in the daily care routine for sensitive mixed skin, and it helps get rid of the remnants of facial cleanser on the surface of the skin and the problem of large pores. Make sure to choose a toner that contains antioxidants and is free of oils and alcohol, in order to avoid the secretion of oils and the occurrence of cracks at the same time. Follow more: The best foundation for dry bride skin

Day moisturizing cream

Apply an oil-free moisturizing cream to moisturize the bride’s mixed and sensitive skin

Use a skin moisturizer and apply it in the morning and evening. Focusing on the dry areas of the skin, it is preferable to use an oil-free and gel face moisturizer. This type of moisturizer is able to capture water molecules and oils in the skin, and moisturizes it from the depth.

sunblock cream

Make sure to apply sunscreen before leaving the house, as this helps protect the skin and reduce the harmful effect of the sun’s rays on the skin. You should choose a sunscreen free of vegetable oils and fatty acids, which often lead to a shiny face. It is preferable to look for the lotion rich in natural materials that absorb oils and those that moisturize the skin from the depths.

Night moisturizing cream

The night cream helps moisturize, renew and restore skin cells from the damage that they often inflict during the day. So be sure to apply it to enjoy fresh and radiant skin the next day. And never forget, to choose an oil-free night moisturizer, in order to avoid excessive sebum. Follow more: Caring for the bride’s skin from morning to evening

makeup remover

Cleansing the skin from make-up is an important step in skin care

It is necessary to remove cosmetics before you go to sleep. Failure to remove them may cause many problems for the skin, such as clogged pores and skin irritation. Here comes the importance of using a good type of makeup remover that is gentle on the skin, especially if the skin is mixed and sensitive; To maintain its vitality and beauty.


Peeling the skin helps to get rid of all skin impurities

Make sure to exfoliate your skin once a week; To get rid of white and black heads, including deep cleansing of the skin and getting rid of clogged pores. Make sure to apply a moisturizing cream after doing this step, in order to keep your skin hydrated.

natural masks

Natural masks play an important role in reducing the secretion of oils in the skin, as they are completely safe for sensitive mixed skin that is prone to irritation. Make sure to apply natural masks to your skin once or twice a week; To avoid skin shine.

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