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How do I choose the right hair color for my skin?


Many factors go into the process of choosing the right hair color, foremost of which is skin color. Hair dyes that are in harmony with white skin, may not suit brown or wheaten skin, and so on… Therefore, a woman should be aware of what suits her skin color, Before taking the step of changing the color of her hair. To make the task easier, in this article, we show you how to choose the right hair color for your skin, which makes finding the right hair dye easy.
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brown skin

Beyoncé (photo from her Instagram)

Hair professionals say that creating a contrast between hair and skin is always a good idea, because if your hair color is too close to your skin tone, your features will disappear. So, if you are a dark-skinned woman like Beyonce, the best hair colors that go with your skin tone are: cocoa, which mixes dark brown and slightly lighter brown, light brown, golden blonde, honey blonde, dark blonde, red Fiery and copper…

olive skin

Shay Mitchell (photo from her Instagram)

If you are an olive-skinned woman, such as the star Shay Mitchell, you are very lucky, given the multiplicity and diversity of hair dye colors that harmonize with your skin, in the forefront of which are mocha brown, violet, brown blond, golden caramel, copper, in addition to cinnamon brown, chestnut brown, The Hazel.

White skin

Amanda Seyfried (photo from her Instagram)

But if you are a white-skinned woman like the star Amanda Seyfried, then you should stay away from blonde hair dyes with very light shades, especially gray and light blonde, because such colors make your skin look dull and pale. Instead, opt for rich blonde hair colors, such as warm sand, bronzy, light brown, and dark blonde.

wheaten skin

Chrissy Teigen (photo from her Instagram)

Women with wheaten skin, such as the international model Chrissy Teigen, are very lucky with regard to hair colors, because all skin colors are in harmony with this skin tone, especially the platinum blond, the warm caramel blond that mixes between golden brown and light blond, in addition to black, light brown, Warm red, raspberry red, dark red…
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