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Exfoliating hops are a great home alternative to spa sessions, as they help cleanse the skin from the depths, and get rid of excess oils in the skin, whose buildup often causes clogged pores and the appearance of pimples and pimples.

Usually, exfoliating gloves are made of threads with a coarse texture, which facilitate the process of removing dead cells when rubbing them on the skin in different areas of the body.

Benefits of exfoliating gloves for the skin

You can boost cells and improve the condition of your body with the exfoliating glove. This tool will not only help make your skin smooth and clean, but is also great for helping treat many skin problems, the most important of which is: ridding the skin of cell buildup that is a major cause of dull skin.

Stimulating blood circulation and improving blood flow, thus moisturizing the skin and giving it radiance.

Deep exfoliation of the skin.

Getting rid of pigmentation disorders.

Reducing the growth of hair under the skin.

Anti wrinkle skin.

Unification of skin color.

Enhance the smoothness of the skin and give it a silky texture.

Get rid of pimples and pimples.

Pore ​​size reduction.

Opening the pores of the skin to absorb the moisturizing properties.

Reducing scars and the appearance of stretch marks.


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How to use

Exfoliating gloves are easy to use as they are worn in the hand to target different areas of the body. It is used as follows:

While showering, wear gloves on each hand. Wet it with warm water and add a shower gel or a scrub. Then, start rolling it over your skin in circular motions around your body, being careful not to press too hard on your skin; To avoid causing redness or irritation of the skin. Make sure to pass the exfoliating glove on all areas of the body, including the area behind the neck, elbows, inner and outer thighs and up to the heels of the feet.

After you have finished exfoliating your body using exfoliating gloves, rinse your body well with warm water. Make sure to apply a moisturizing cream after drying the skin well; To maintain the smoothness of the skin as well as to calm the latter from the effects of peeling. And taking into account the use of exfoliating gloves, once or twice a week only; To avoid overcompensating the skin in producing the oils it lost. Exfoliating gloves should be cleaned after each use, and left in the open air to dry well, in order not to multiply bacteria.

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Types of exfoliating gloves

ENVIRONMENTAL EXFOLIATING GLOV: A double-touch, gentle touch glove, called Viral Star, made to eco-standards from 100% intricately woven silk viscose, simply run this glove underwater and use it to exfoliate from head to toe.

Gentle Facial Exfoliation Glove: A finely woven, textured glove that is ideal for the face and does not cause any side effects. Aiding in cleansing the face and removing make-up, one side of this glove has a textured texture ideal for exfoliation, while the other is finely woven to help you clean more effectively.

Ingrown Hair Exfoliating Glove: A textured, double-sided glove that has a soft side that helps polish sensitive skin, and an effective side for removing rough spots including ingrown hairs.

Silicone Exfoliating Glove: A glove made of silicone bristles, it removes dead skin and reduces cellulite.

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