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The CEO of InfluxData, a leading time series platform, is also a board member for One Heart Worldwide and a board advisor for Lucidworks and The Fabric. In a world where everything is becoming smarter, sensors are playing a crucial role in our daily lives by making the world more connected and intelligent. Time series data, the language of sensors, is essential for fueling AI-driven innovation and creating intelligent, autonomous systems.

Transforming time series data into intelligence is necessary for creating and leveraging AI models, but it is a complex process. The key is to harness data at scale to create intelligent, self-healing systems that continuously improve over time. Instrumenting systems with sensors and handling the large volume of data they produce is a challenge that many organizations face. By using analytics tools alongside databases, businesses can visualize data according to their unique needs and develop highly intelligent systems with predictive analytics capabilities.

Managing the data that powers AI is crucial for the success of AI systems. Challenges include managing cardinality, transforming and evicting data, and compressing stored data. Columnar databases are utilized to address high-cardinality data, and strategies are implemented to handle older data efficiently. To unlock the full potential of sensor data, organizations need scalable and secure data platforms that can process IoT and sensor data in real time to enable the deployment of AI models that can anticipate future outcomes.

Turning intelligence into insights is an ongoing process that requires constant refinement and validation of data. AI models need to be updated regularly to adapt to new scenarios and ensure they are working correctly. The ability to anticipate future outcomes through AI will revolutionize businesses by enabling data-driven decisions, reducing risks, enhancing customer experiences, and optimizing operations. Prioritizing time series data strategies and AI can help businesses lead the way, transform industries, and shape the future in this sensor-driven era. The Forbes Technology Council is an exclusive community for top CIOs, CTOs, and technology executives.

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