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LeBron James recently expressed his anxiety associated with watching his son, Bronny James, play college basketball for USC. During an episode of the “Mind the Game” podcast with JJ Redick, the Los Angeles Lakers star opened up about the stress he feels while watching his son play, stating that he gets more anxious and sweats more than ever before. LeBron never played collegiate basketball himself, going straight from high school to the NBA as the No. 1 overall pick in 2003, making the differences between the college and professional game more pronounced for him.

LeBron James criticized certain aspects of college basketball that he doesn’t understand, such as coaches throwing the ball into the post to big players who aren’t necessarily adept at playing in that position. He questioned the strategy of having players take jump shots or running hooks after receiving the ball in the post, as opposed to executing dynamic plays that exploit the defense’s weaknesses. Despite his criticisms, LeBron has been supportive of his son’s journey in college basketball, especially after Bronny overcame a cardiac issue at the beginning of the season and managed to contribute to USC’s games.

Bronny James has played 25 games for USC this season, averaging 4.8 points, 2.8 rebounds, and 2.1 assists in nearly 20 minutes per game. With the Trojans’ season coming to an end, the question of whether Bronny will enter the 2024 NBA Draft has arisen. LeBron has emphasized that the decision ultimately lies with his son, and they will carefully consider all options before making a choice. There is speculation about the possibility of LeBron and Bronny playing together in the NBA, with the Lakers reportedly showing interest in drafting Bronny to keep LeBron in Los Angeles.

LeBron James’ observations about college basketball reflect his deep understanding of the sport and his desire to see his son succeed at the highest levels. Despite his anxieties about watching Bronny play, LeBron remains supportive and involved in his son’s basketball career, providing guidance and encouragement along the way. As the Trojans’ season concludes and the NBA Draft approaches, the James family will consider all factors before making a decision about Bronny’s future in basketball.

The bond between LeBron and Bronny James extends beyond the basketball court, with the elder James expressing a desire to play alongside his son in the NBA. This unique opportunity has the potential to redefine the father-son dynamic in professional sports, as LeBron continues to showcase his dedication to supporting and mentoring his son throughout his basketball career. With their future in the NBA uncertain, the James family will navigate the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead, drawing on their shared passion for the game and their resilient bond as a family.

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