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Jenna Dewan and Channing Tatum are in the midst of a court hearing regarding their divorce settlement. Dewan’s lawyers claim that Tatum hid details about his earnings from the Magic Mike franchise and argue that Dewan is entitled to a cut of the profits since they were married when the film was made. The lawyers argue that the Magic Mike intellectual property is a potential billion-dollar asset and Dewan should receive fair compensation.

Dewan’s lawyer confirmed that she has received some money from Tatum but claims it does not accurately reflect the full success of the Magic Mike franchise. They allege that Tatum has control over the finances through a complex web of LLCs and partnerships, which Dewan believes were created to conceal the true value of the franchise’s assets. Tatum has not publicly addressed these claims.

The court documents also mentioned that Dewan alleged Tatum refused to equally split the franchise’s intellectual property. In response, Tatum denied the claims and stated that he had put in extensive efforts towards enhancing the Magic Mike intellectual property post-separation, which he believes gives rise to his separate property interest. The court will need to determine the community interest and Tatum’s separate property interest in the intellectual property.

Dewan and Tatum, who met while filming 2006’s Step Up, were married for a decade and share a 10-year-old daughter named Everly. They confirmed their separation in 2018 and were declared legally single in 2019. They have maintained a 50/50 custody arrangement for their daughter and have worked towards an amicable co-parenting relationship. Dewan has moved on with fiancé Steve Kazee, with whom she shares a son and is expecting another baby, while Tatum is engaged to actress Zoë Kravitz.

The court hearing will involve testimonies from Dewan, Tatum, and Kazee regarding their financial situations and the division of assets. Dewan’s lawyer argued that she should receive a fair and equal share of the profits from the Magic Mike franchise since they were married when the film was developed and produced. Tatum’s lawyer countered that he has contributed significantly towards enhancing the franchise post-separation, which he believes entitles him to a separate property interest in the intellectual property.

The outcome of the court hearing will determine the division of assets between Dewan and Tatum, including the Magic Mike franchise. Both parties have made claims and counterclaims regarding the intellectual property and profits from the franchise. Dewan remains focused on prioritizing her daughter and continuing to navigate the challenges of co-parenting with Tatum, while also looking forward to expanding her family with Kazee. Tatum is moving forward with his engagement to Kravitz and awaiting the court’s decision on the divorce settlement.

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