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Nearly twenty individuals are taking legal action against a chain of Arizona strip clubs, claiming they were drugged and scammed out of $1.1 million collectively in VIP rooms. The clubs in question, Skin Cabaret, Bones Cabaret, and Dream Palace, all owned by Todd Borowsky, are accused of racketeering, conspiracy, and other offenses. Victims, including an Air Force member who had over $72,000 charged to his credit cards, shared similar experiences of memory loss, signing documents, having photos taken, and facing high credit card charges after visiting the clubs.

The alleged victims reported feeling disoriented and unable to remember authorizing transactions that led to significant charges on their credit cards. Some described feeling confused and lost after visiting the clubs’ VIP rooms, with no recollection of what happened. Police reports indicated that patrons signed contracts, provided credit cards and ID, thumbprints, and photos, but many victims claim they do not remember these actions. An attorney representing the victims stated that they all had similar experiences, despite not knowing each other, suggesting a pattern of misconduct at the clubs.

One victim disclosed that club representatives approved his credit card transactions by using face ID on his phone, which made him feel like he was watching a movie through his own eyes. He recounted feeling trapped and disoriented, unable to leave despite knowing something was wrong. The Scottsdale Police Department and Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office acknowledged the allegations against the strip clubs and are collaborating with the Arizona Attorney General’s Office on the cases. The attorney representing club owner Borowsky dismissed the claims as baseless, comparing them to asking for money back after choosing to engage with the services.

Despite the denials from the attorney, victims like “Joe” and “Bobby” continue to share their harrowing experiences at the clubs, detailing the emotional and financial toll it took on them. Joe recalled feeling like he had lost control of the situation and struggled to leave despite realizing something was wrong. Bobby expressed disbelief at the charges on his credit card, which led to significant stress and hardship for him and his family. The legal proceedings will likely shed more light on the allegations and determine the extent of misconduct at the strip clubs.

The victims’ accounts of being drugged and scammed at the Arizona strip clubs have drawn attention to the potential dangers faced by patrons, especially those who may be vulnerable or unknowingly manipulated. The reports of memory loss, unauthorized charges, and disorientation raise concerns about the practices at these establishments and the need for better oversight and enforcement to protect customers. As the legal process unfolds, more details may emerge about the alleged misconduct and the impact on the victims, highlighting the importance of ensuring safety and accountability in the nightlife industry.

The involvement of law enforcement agencies and the Attorney General’s Office in investigating the allegations against Skin Cabaret, Bones Cabaret, and Dream Palace underscores the seriousness of the situation and the commitment to holding those responsible accountable. The victims’ stories of feeling trapped and manipulated in the VIP rooms serve as a cautionary tale for others, highlighting the need for vigilance and awareness when visiting such establishments. Ultimately, the legal proceedings will determine the truth behind the allegations and seek justice for those who have been harmed by the alleged misconduct at the Arizona strip clubs.

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