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Larry David, best known for his work on the hit comedy series “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” recently shared his thoughts on former President Donald Trump and the 2020 election. In an episode of “Who’s Talking to Chris Wallace,” set to stream on March 29 on Max, David delves into his feelings towards Trump and the political climate surrounding the election.

During the episode, David expresses his disdain for Trump, stating that he found the former president to be “disgusting.” This sentiment is not uncommon among many in Hollywood, who have been openly critical of Trump throughout his presidency. David’s blunt assessment of Trump highlights the strong feelings many Americans have towards the former president and his policies.

David also shares his thoughts on the 2020 election, reflecting on the contentious political climate and the impact it had on the country. As a comedian known for his sharp wit and observational humor, David brings a unique perspective to the conversation surrounding politics and current events. His candid remarks provide insight into the mindset of a prominent figure in the entertainment industry.

The episode featuring Larry David’s interview with Chris Wallace promises to be an engaging and informative look at the comedian’s thoughts on Trump and the election. With his trademark humor and straightforward approach, David offers a refreshing take on the political landscape, shedding light on the complexities and controversies that have defined recent events. Viewers can expect to hear David’s unfiltered opinions on a range of topics, providing a glimpse into his personal views and beliefs.

As a prominent figure in Hollywood, David’s commentary on Trump and the election carries weight and influence among his fans and followers. His candid remarks are likely to resonate with many who share his perspective on Trump and the political climate during the 2020 election. By sharing his thoughts openly and honestly, David contributes to the ongoing conversation surrounding Trump’s presidency and the impact it has had on American society.

Overall, Larry David’s discussion of Trump and the 2020 election offers a valuable insight into the comedian’s views on politics and current events. His blunt assessment of Trump and the political climate highlights the strong emotions that have defined recent events, providing a candid and unfiltered perspective on a controversial presidency. As the episode is set to stream on Max, viewers can look forward to hearing David’s thoughts in his own words, offering a unique and engaging take on the world of politics from a comedic genius.

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